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Ideas for blog posts are endless, but sometimes it helps to have a little spark to get your ideas flowing. In this post you’ll find 103 “sparks” for you along with 50 more places to look for inspiration. These ideas range from serious to silly and you’ll find some are a better fit than others […]

Category: Blogging

Do you stare at that empty “Enter title here” box on your blog post, struggling to come up with a good headline that will compel people to click through and read your latest post? Are you wondering just what makes a good headline, anyway? Never fear!  Your answer is here in the form of fill-in-the-blank […]

Got writer’s block?  Here are 7 sneaky ways to crush it (plus a bonus kick in the pants). #7 Free Writing (or, Write Whatever You Want) If you feel like you’re forcing yourself to think and write about something you aren’t excited about… no wonder you’ve got writer’s block! Allow yourself some time to write […]

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Image licensing can be a tricky subject.  Do you have to include attribution and a link?  Can you use it in a PDF, banners for marketing, or in products you’re creating for sale? Let me introduce you to the wonderful Creative Commons Zero license… Images which are released under CC0 allow you to freely use […]

When you’re working from home, some days can feel like… you woke up, worked hard all day, and yet somehow none of the key items you needed to complete got done! If you struggle with days like that, it might be a sign that you’re not quite prioritizing the those key items in the right […]

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One simple strategy that will allow you to get your new blog posts in front of 100K+ readers within minutes of going live… [tweet_box]One simple way to get your new blog posts in front of 100K+ readers in minutes… [/tweet_box] Are you using this strategy yet?  If not, get started right now by making a […]

Category: Blogging

Got writer’s block?  Not sure what to blog about today? Check out this cool infographic and get inspired! Check out this awesome post from with even more ways to get inspired for your next blog post. [tweet_box]Need an idea for your next blog post?  Try this! #blogging[/tweet_box] What’s your favorite place to find inspiration […]

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