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How to Create Your Own Traffic-Boosting Army of Robot Minions

If only there were a button you could push to power on your own army of traffic-boosting robot minions... Wouldn't that be a dream? Well, I don't have that "easy button" but I do have 3 free ways you can power on "robot minions" to do promotion for you! 1.  Automated Syndication (Put Amazon to Work for You?) Can you turn Amazon (yes, that Amazon) into your own robot minion? Every blog …

5 Clever Hook-Line Twists to Grab Attention & Get More Clicks

Are you ready for more ACTION? Clicks, comments, page views, sales… Wait, did you think I meant something else by action? *insert shaking head here* I’m talking the kind of action that... builds your business... helps you get noticed... allows you to help more people... and get your message out there in a BIG way! You DO want more of all that, …

Easy 30-Second Hack to Boost Your Email Open Rates?

What if one easy 30 second hack could help your email open rates go up? It could... depending on your audience... if you can copy and paste! You've probably seen this one used but might not have figured out how to use it yourself, yet.  It's super easy. Here it is: Try adding emojis to some of your email subject lines. According to a few studies over the last couple of years: 56% …

21 Data-Driven Hacks to Boost Your Odds of Going Viral [Infographic]

You might be thinking... "Hey Santa, all I wanted for Christmas was my content to go viral..." And Santa's response?  You're on the naughty list. Also, I have no idea what makes for viral content... can someone ask Rudolph or my head Elf? If Santa didn't bring you viral content for Christmas, try this solid list of DATA driven ways to increase the odds your next blog post will go viral. …

184 Fun & Simple Ways to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

Most of the advice we get on how to get more readers to our blogs falls into two categories: confusing and hard to figure out exactly how to implement, or confusing and expensive. "Be interesting" (Thanks, I was totally doing boring on purpose!) "Write epic content" (Definition? Hints? Any clues?) "Write misleading titles to get people to click" (No. After I remove the sleaze with a very hot …

Who Is the Girl Blogger Next Door?

Michelle Shaeffer is the Girl Blogger Next Door. She’s written 42 blog posts in a single day… mentored more than 10,000 bloggers through the Ultimate Blog Challenge… published 1,000+ posts on her own blogs… made just about every blogging mistake possible (and shares them), so you don’t have to!

A typical day in Michelle’s life includes a whole lot of coffee, slightly non-traditional homeschooling lessons with her three children, obsessive blogging and content creation, coaching fabulous entrepreneurs, working behind the scenes to support her awesome clients with their blogging and marketing, and sneaking a little bit of sci-fi in there somewhere.

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