How to Get Traffic From Twitter Even if You Don’t Have Many Followers Yet

Wondering how you can get traffic from Twitter if you don’t have a following there yet?

Easy.  You just need to get people who DO have followers to tweet your blog posts.

Well, it’s easy if you know how to make that happen.  So how about I share some strategies with you that you can use to do that?  Sound good?

I’m kicking off this week on my blog with a quick tutorial of one tool you can use to get more people tweeting your blog posts.

The next several days I’ll cover similar tools so stick around and be sure you’re subscribed (just put your name & email addy in any of the freebie offers, like the one to the right of this post, and that’ll get you on my list so you know when I release new blog posts and tutorials like this one).


Check it out at and let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear if you’re using this site yet, or if you’re going to give it a shot after watching the video above.

Note: I am not an affiliate, no one asked me to write this post, and I don’t get anything but the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing I’ve helped connect you with a cool tool.  That’s it.  :)


  1. another great tip Michelle – didn’t know about this tool, will definitely give it a go

  2. I knew about “Just Retweet” but haven’t used them so far, it kinda slipped from focus…

    Thank you for reminding me, Michelle!

    Steve ? Master eMailSmith ? Lorenzo
    Chief Editor, eMail Tips Daily Newsletter
    Steve eMailSmith recently posted… Inboxing vs. Spamboxing Best Tip – eMail Deliverability past the anti-spam filters en-routeMy Profile

    • Easy for that to happen with all the “shiny” things on the internet. I’ve had an on/off relationship with the site for a few months but need to keep it “on” because it’s really a cool way to get more tweets and get to know some other great bloggers.

  3. Hi Michelle,

    I’ve heard of Just Retweet but hadn’t used it yet. I’m going to correct that today.

    Thanks for another great tip and well-done tutorial.
    Flora Morris Brown recently posted… The Surprising Truth Every Published Writer Must FaceMy Profile

  4. Another cool resource! Thanks much.
    Debra Jason recently posted… Are You Cultivating Creativity And Joy In Your BusinessMy Profile

  5. Thanks for the tip Michelle!
    Justretweet is an awesome idea for getting more traffic to your site!
    I like this concept very much! Last time when I went to their site
    I could not create my account! Hope this time I’ll have more success!
    Branko Zecevic recently posted… How To Prevent Spam Comments On Your Blog – Free And Effective SolutionMy Profile

  6. Thank’s for the great post, I’ll definitely be giving this tool a try!

  7. Another great tip, will start using it right-way, thanks
    Dhiraj Das recently posted… 5 Best Infographics On Google Glass: How To Use ItMy Profile

  8. Thank you for another great video tutorial, Michelle. I didn’t know about this tool and I will definitely give it a go.
    Abbas Baba recently posted… Positive Thinking- the Wonder Drug to Protect Your HealthMy Profile

  9. As always, something useful and easy to use. I didn’t know about this tool or if I did I forgot about it. Great tutorial! Thanks, Michelle.

  10. Great post. I hadn’t been into twitter previously, but will try with this.

  11. Can I ask, How do you get all of those soc media buttons, tweet, f like, in share or even pinterest, to show at the bottom of every post you create?

  12. Michelle – thanks for this great tip and easy to follow instructions. Always enjoy your blog posts! I’m going to give Justretweet a go!

  13. Great post on this cool software! I will be checking this out for sure.

    Thank you!
    Linda recently posted… Romantic Weekend Getaways…Yes!!My Profile

  14. Hi Michelle,

    Another cool tool for my online marketing toolkit. I’ve been using something that’s somewhat similar,, except the emphasis is on growing your twitter audience.

    Adalia John recently posted… What Does Sleep Have to Do With Success?My Profile

  15. Making sure I understand, I had not heard of JustReTweet, can they access your account? I was going to sign up but think I am reading they can post “for” you?
    christa sterken recently posted… Learning To See The Beauty In Scars- Victory Over Malignant MelanomaMy Profile

  16. I finally got this one set up and working, Michelle, thanks for the easy steps! I am loving it so far :)

  17. This tool is amazing, I m using it for long time now
    Jitendra Vaswani recently posted… The Key to Developing a Social Media StrategyMy Profile

  18. Wow, what a cool system! Looking forward to checking it out. Thanks, Michelle.
    Amy Scott recently posted… 5 Reasons You Should Wing ItMy Profile

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