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Wondering how you can get traffic from Twitter if you don’t have a following there yet?

Easy.  You just need to get people who DO have followers to tweet your blog posts.

Well, it’s easy if you know how to make that happen.  So how about I share some strategies with you that you can use to do that?  Sound good?

I’m kicking off this week on my blog with a quick tutorial of one tool you can use to get more people tweeting your blog posts.

The next several days I’ll cover similar tools so stick around and be sure you’re subscribed (just put your name & email addy in any of the freebie offers, like the one to the right of this post, and that’ll get you on my list so you know when I release new blog posts and tutorials like this one).


Check it out at and let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear if you’re using this site yet, or if you’re going to give it a shot after watching the video above.

Note: I am not an affiliate, no one asked me to write this post, and I don’t get anything but the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing I’ve helped connect you with a cool tool.  That’s it.  :)