My Mission is to Create 100 Success Stories, And You're Next!
The Insider Club is a Community designed especially
for "Give-a-Damner" Entrepreneurs who care, like you!
As a member you'll get access to support and resources including frameworks, templates, and systems that will help you tame your "chaotic creativity" and harness your superpowers to skyrocket your business to the success you know is possible.
Michelle Shaeffer
Founder of the Insider Club
Weekly Insider-Casts
(Live Interactive Video Trainings)
Each week, we’ll dive deep into the different aspects of your business, focusing on the areas that will have an immediate impact on your revenue and your reach.  

Recent topics included: how to get amazing testimonials and case studies, creating faith so your clients get results, the step by step of being "everywhere" on social media, and more...

Every webcast includes time for Q&A so you can get your questions answered, too.

All episodes are archived in the members area for replay on demand.
"Your Next 3 Moves"
(Private One on One Strategy Call)
You don't need to know your next 2,392 moves - just your next 3 steps!

People started asking me how I get so much done, so I began walking them through this process.   It's the key to big breakthroughs and getting crystal clear about what's next for you.

Let me help you get from where you're at, to where you want to be with your business.

In "Your Next 3 Moves" I’ll walk you through a special process to figure out the EXACT next 3 moves that will help you work towards turning your goals into reality.
Community Connection
(Support & Help When You Need It)
Lack of connection is one of the toughest parts of being an entrepreneur. There’s no one at the desk or table next to you to bounce ideas off, get feedback from, or have a “coffee break” moment of “aha”.

The Insider Club Facebook group is a members-only, safe space. You’ll get the connection you crave, with other entrepreneurs who care and want to help.

Pop in to ask for support, look for resources, share your latest blog post or special offer, find promotional partners, or just connect during that 5 minute coffee break you managed to sneak into your day.
On Demand Training Videos
(Library of Step by Step Videos)
Think of this like Netflix for your online business. Every training webcast and video I create for the Insider Club lives inside this library for you.

So, when you’re stuck on something or ready to learn a new skill, you can login and search by keyword. Find exactly what you need in the library – right then.

No waiting for the next Q&A call. No more hoping someone responds to that telepathic cry for help you’re transmitting.
HookLine Dynamic Premium
(Grab Attention with Your Words)
As part of your membership, you get access to the premium version of HookLine Dynamic.

It includes the same core functionalities found in the free version of the app plus unlocks access to score and sort by your choice of the 3 Es and by demographics! 
Open Office Days for Q&A
(Get Your Questions Answered)
Every week in the Facebook group, we host an Open Office Q&A Day.

You can pop in and ask me, and the community, any questions you've got or for the help you need.  

One of the most important things to me in the Insider Club?  It's the "no staying stuck" rule!  

Your mission here, with your business, is too important for you to get stuck or stopped because you aren't sure how to solve a problem or get to your next step.  
Plus, you get instant access to all of the gifts below
(yours to keep, even if you choose to cancel your Club Access!)...
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Get Access to the Insider Club and HookLine Dynamic Premium plus all the Free Gifts listed above... be the next Success Story!
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