Is Your "Social Hub" in Order and Working for You?
I don’t want to get all “fancy” here. When I say “social hub” I’m talking about your blog. Remember, your blog’s the only piece of web real estate that you’re in complete control of.

Things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube are all awesome, in their own way.

But it’s NOT SAFE to rely on any of those alone.

Those sites change their rules constantly and you can literally lose an entire wing of your business overnight.
All your social profiles need to link back to your blog, and from there, your blog needs to link to your other social profiles. All of that together, needs to drive into your sales funnels (more on that in a sec).

And here’s the most important rule about your social hub...
Avoid Focusing on More Than 4 Core Social Profiles

No matter what anyone tells you (hoping you’ll buy into their latest/greatest program), 4 is the magic number. Focusing on any more than 4 profiles will only weaken your overall social presence. I mean, unless of course you’ve got multiple, full-time assistants who can manage that for you?

No? There’s only one you? Then give yourself permission to be human, and focus on doing a great job with 4 profiles, OK?

It's honestly a lot easier than you think. And it will make you look better. You can use the “4-Core Social” method I teach. 
And here’s why this first step is so key. Let’s face it, I can sit here and tell you all day how successful you’re going to be online. But, the truth is, no matter what industry you’re in – whether you’re...

        • a coach...
        • a consultant...
        • an authority blogger...
        • an affiliate marketer or...
        • a brick and mortar business owner...

...People have to respect you and take you seriously online or your business can never really take off.

Do People Take You Seriously Online?

Immediately after you introduce someone to your online business, what’s the first thing they do?

Right, they go check out your social media profiles. ‘Cause, guess what...

Your Social Numbers are out there for the whole world to see.

The big question in their mind, when they do – “Should I take this person and their business seriously?”

You do it... I do it... We all do it...

And, if it’s a ghost town when they get there, your online biz looks like it’s covered in tumbleweeds (insert 
howling wind effect).

So, when people go look at your social numbers...

You’ve got to shine, because it matters – big time.

Are you shining on your social media? 

In Simple Social Hub, I explain exactly how I set up and automate my own social hub to quickly grow my reach to 85,000+. It’s designed to be as simple and hassle-free as humanly possible.

It also includes my “Social Engine 7-Up” visual training. This follow up to my 4-Core Social Method quickly walks you, step-by-step, through setting up whichever 4 of the top 7 social engines you decide on.

You’re also getting my “Social-Matic: Automation Secrets”. I automate 90% of the social media that’s driven the growth in my business. You can too! Makes you feel a lot less “frustressterated” about keeping up with your social media.

Then there’s my “Soc-Cal: Ultimate Social Media Calendar”. Honestly, between you and me, this has been the REAL secret behind my rapid growth on social media. It’s an example of having a “framework” to keep creativity constructive. Watch as your social presence quickly scales to a point where people take you very seriously.

And lastly, my “Social Wildfire” checklist ties all these components together. I also show you 3 specific ways you can get your front-facing social numbers to grow faster than a werewolf’s fingernails (Not sure how fast they grow, but I think it’s pretty fast…), so basically your social media will grow really fast, OK?

Really though, a legit social presence makes people take you seriously, and not just other business associates. Your family and your friends will suddenly start seeing you in a different light too. Might not seem like a big deal, but when your fam starts telling everyone what a success you are, it can have a really profound effect on your mind and your business. Trust me on this one.
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