You Asked… Plugins I Use (Part 1)

I’ve had a lot of questions lately on which plugins I use on my blog so I thought it’d be fun to do a plugin post and share everything I currently have activated.  Let me know which ones you’re using, too, which ones you’re going to add, and if you’ve got suggestions on what else […]

Understanding “Do Follow” and How to Tell

After my recent post on rewarding your blog commenters I got several questions asking what “do follow” meant and how to tell if a blog has “no follow” or “do follow” on it’s comments. What is “No Follow” By default most blogs are setup so that the links to a commenter’s website are marked “nofollow” […]

Are You Rewarding Your Blog Commenters?

I’m sure that if you’ve got kids you’re familiar with the concept of rewarding desired behavior.  It works so much better than other parenting strategies.  Have you thought about applying that in your business?  Are you taking the time to appreciate and thank those who take time to leave a comment on your blog or […]