Are You a "Scare 'em Off" or a "Scaredy Cat"?
Me again. Question for you…

When it comes to your webinars, are you a “scare ‘em off!” or a “scaredy cat”?

Most entrepreneurs find themselves trapped into one of those two categories (because no one’s ever told them there’s a third choice!).

We all know webinars are a super effective way to serve our audience and grow our businesses…

But let’s get real here… everyone doing webinars seems to be doing one of these two things:

A. “Scare ‘em off!”

Some of the coolest, smartest, mission-driven of entrepreneurs have been turned into “Pitchy McPitcherson”. Their entire darn webinar is one long sales pitch with almost no value. Or there’s the...

B. “Scaredy cat…”

Others of us get so nervous about the “pitch” part of our webinar that we either skip it entirely, speed through it, or feel like an alien has taken over our brains when we switch into the “sales” part…

Problem with that is, if you’re going to have an online “business”, you’ve got to DO business. In other words, things have to be purchased by someone who wants them, right?

Embarrassingly, I’ve done both of these.

Yep... ya know why? 

Because no one told me (until recently) that there’s a THIRD option! It’s called the Teach2Sell webinar approach.

May I share it with you? 
Webinars are a fantastic way to connect with an audience and teach them something of value. They’re also a highly effective tool to generate revenue, through selling. But after running and attending literally hundreds of webinars, I have to say, most people just aren’t getting it quite right.

Almost everyone is either over-selling on their webinars, or they’re deathly afraid of selling at all. Neither of those methods really works to grow a real business online.

I’d like to show you an unusual webinar approach.

These things are working like crazy!

I’ve been using this unusual approach for more than a year now. I learned it from my friend, Allen. He’s one of the top webinar and live webcast experts in the world. He told me I could share it with you. It’s called the “Teach-2-Sell” webinar approach. It’s a counter-intuitive approach that actually works best when you don’t do any “selling” at all. Instead, you teach TWICE – once about your content, then a second time about your offer.

One More Thing About Webinars That Work...

I see so many people wasting time and money with complicated, over-priced webinar tools. This unique Teach-to-Sell approach is designed to help you put on highly profitable webinars, without needing any expensive webinar software. That way, you can save the money, or spend it on something cool (possibly shoes, coffee, or other gifts for your favorite online trainer – hint hint).

I do more than half of my webinars using this approach, so I can vouch 100% for how well it works. And I’m not the only one who’s using it to get great results.

Look at how well it’s working for my friend Rebecca...

“Michelle, this approach to doing webinars has taken all the anxiety out of the process for me. I was starting to wonder if it was actually possible to really make money in my business using webinars. IT IS!”
~Rebecca Haye - Interior Design Trainer

This unusual “Teach to Sell” approach is how I've helped so many people create great success and generate thousands of dollars with their webinars.
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