Attention Entrepreneurs: Want Three REAL Wishes?

There’s something you probably don’t know about that famous tale of the “Genie” and the 3 wishes. 

And it totally relates to your business success.

See, that number, “3”, was added to the most well known version of that story for a very specific reason.  I'll tell you about that (and why it matters for you) in a minute...

I’m also going to let you in on something I discovered about the “3 Crucial Keys” you need to succeed wildly and joyfully in your online business.

Plus, in the end, I’ll show you how you can get 3 honest to goodness wishes of your very own that will help you create the business and life you want.

So, for the numerology people out there, that’s 3 sets of 3. There’s gotta be something good that’s about to happen, right?

Look, if you’re struggling with working too many hours, dealing with too much stress and uncertainty, or just a little bit frustrated that you’re not making progress as quickly as you know you could be – it’s not your fault. 

The problem is, you’re missing the third crucial key in the set of 3 “keys” that I’m about to go over with you.

So, hopefully you’ve got a fresh cup of coffee and you're ready for me to share with you exactly how to fix this problem.

It took a long time to get them into place, but once I did...

 These 3 Keys Transformed My Business into Something I Love

It didn't start out this way, but today my business...

- Gives me a way to support my family while working from home...

- Allows me to enjoy life without constantly worrying about the balance of my checking account... 

There’s a feeling of freedom and security that comes with having your own online business, once you get it running right. 

It’s hard to express until you actually experience it yourself... 

And that’s what I want for you! 

I’m here to empower you to take control of your life by doing better with a business online, than you can working for someone else stuck in a “building” somewhere. 

And it's more than just watching your bank account balance grow. It's knowing you're making a difference for others, too.

You're a World-Changer!
I Know You Are...
Even If You Don't (Yet)

I DARE YOU TO READ ON, then tell me... which of these are you?

Maybe you're…

- The online tutor who redefines a child's path in life by creating an entirely new definition of his or her “potential”...

- The business coach or consultant who helps entrepreneurs provide for themselves and their families by sharing their products and services with the world. 

- The network marketer who knows it's more than the products or the commission's. It’s the journey of evolution and growth through business...

- The healer or spiritual adviser who creates transformation in others. Your gifts create real-life miracles...

- Or, maybe you're “just” a mom at home crafting items you sell online. You may not think you change the world, but that hand made creation you sold yesterday... It was a gift for a bullied teen girl. When she looks at it she remembers someone loves her and cares.  

No matter which of these you are...

The Ripple Effect of the Lives You Touch and
the Potential It Creates, Is Immeasurable

How do I know?

Because I see you.

I am you.

And THAT is my reason.

It’s why, for the last 16 years, I’ve been helping people leverage the internet, blogging and social media to build their businesses online. It’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping entrepreneurs just like you get out there in front of the people you’re here to serve...

...They need you and they’re waiting for you!

So no matter what happens, DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP!

DON’T YOU DARE NOT DO whatever it takes to succeed, OK?

I'm here to serve world-changers like you. I'm so blessed in that I’ve been able to help more than 32,347 people (so far) move towards an empowered and awake life – all through my simple blog and free social media channels.

That’s not something I ever dreamed possible, living in the tiny town in Alaska, where I’m from.

And here’s the thing: after working with people like you for nearly two decades, I’ve noticed something super-important. The world-changers... the one’s I’ve REALLY been able to help the most, have all shared 3 crucial keys...

The 3 Crucial Keys to Success, for
Any Business (Especially Online)

You’ve probably already seen or heard these 3 things, in some form or another, but it’s the third one on the list that I’ve really struggled with solving, until recently.

The “3 Crucial Keys” to Business Success:

#1) The Right Resources (tools, templates and other tactical items)... 

#2) The Right Education (training, tips and strategic plans)...

But honestly, the most important is...

#3) I’ll get to this one in a sec, because for it to all make 100% sense, I need to share a little story with you first...

It’s going to sound a little bit crazy at first, but I promise it relates directly to how you can quickly improve your business by leaps and bounds...

Do you remember the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp?

...Not the Disney version (don’t tell my daughter I said that – she’s more than a little Disney-obsessed), I’m talking about the original “1001 Nights of Arabia” version. 

I was doing some research, and a few of the differences between the original version and the Disney version of the story really threw me for a loop...

(Stick with me, I’ll connect the dots in just a sec.)

First, did you know that the Princess Aladdin marries (in the original story) is the daughter of the Chinese emperor, rather than an Arabian Sultan?

I was shocked!

Oh, and the princess’ name is not “Jasmine”, either. Not even close...

Her name is Badr-al-Budur. So I guess I can see why they’d make that marketing decision... I mean, imagine trying to order your daughter’s kid’s meal, like...

“She’ll have the one with... um... Bado... Badr-um... Bedroom...ah... she’ll take the one with the girl’s toy.”

Second, in the original story, Aladdin, himself, was actually from China, rather than from anywhere in Arabia. In fact, the original story is not set anywhere in Arabia. It’s actually in China!

Disney, what the?!!

But, you’re probably thinking...

Um, Michelle, that’s cool and all, but what the heck does this Aladdin stuff have to do with what you told me this was about... 

"succeeding wildly and joyfully in my online business?"

Well... turns out that the third (most surprising) difference between the two versions is the thing I was doing the research on in the first place...

The Genie who guided Aladdin along his journey and helped him when he needed it most.

But did you know that the Genie in the original story actually gave Aladdin UNLIMITED wishes, not just 3?

It got changed to 3 for a very important reason (more on that in a bit). But here’s why I bring all this up (other than because all these differences caught me by surprise)...

The Genie, and his role in the Aladdin story, is what my message to you today is all about. See, the third “Crucial Key” that ALL entrepreneurs absolutely need to succeed big is...

Crucial key #3) The Right Guide. 

(someone to guide you and lovingly keep you moving forward)...

It can be someone who’s your coach, consultant, or mentor… 

Your Obi Wan… your Fairy Godmother…your Merlin… your Jiminy Cricket.

All great stories of success have someone who fills this role. 

And it’s for a very important reason. 

Without the guidance of a mentor, a hero can never reach their potential or achieve their dreams.

We all need someone who we can reach out to for wisdom, direction and protection...

Now Imagine Having Your Own “Genie in a Bottle”...

Isn't that everyone’s secret desire?

Just summon the Genie and say "I wish for..." 

And wouldn’t one of your wishes be someone to help you reach your specific goals FAST... maybe just a “touch of the lamp” away? 

But real life doesn't have magic wishes or genies in bottles, or so you’re told... 

No one is just a few magic words away to help you create the life you want for you and the people you care about... right? 

Wrong, because guess what? 

I don’t like that idea. 

See, I still believe in “happily ever after” endings for the people in my life. 

And I’ll never give up on believing in them, because I see them happen too often, in the lives of the people I serve.

Imagine Someone Experienced Who You Can Message Directly
With Your Burning Questions and Challenges...

Stuff like…

- Why your list isn’t growing faster, and the small tweaks you can make to get speedier results...

- The current smartest ways for you to attract free traffic to your blog, based on your audience… 

- The exact 7 simple steps to create your irresistible product or coaching program

- How to identify what's uniquely valuable about you, so you stand out and get noticed… 

- My 5 secret ways to move your audience from “passive” visitors into “active” fans... 

- The secret strategies you can use in your particular space to get influencers to help share what you have to offer (I never share these secrets in a public forum, because it’s not a one size fits all thing).

These are answers and strategies tailored to your individual business – your particular situation – and best of all, they’re designed around YOU, as a unique individual. 

No cookie-cutter templates or systems that “should” work for “everyone”... 

Seriously… when has “one-size-fits-all” ever worked for ANYTHING in your life... 




Well… sometimes one-size-fits-all does sorta work for t-shirts... but we’re not talking about t-shirts here, we’re talking about your business (unless your business is t-shirts, in which case scratch this example)!

Consider Me Your “Genie” in the Lamp – Let Me Help

I’ve got 16+ years experience running my own online businesses and coaching multiple 6 and even 7-figure entrepreneurs. 

Let me take you by the hand. I want to guide you safely through the sometimes scary adventure of building your virtual business.

You've got your business started. You just need a little help dialing in the details and turning it into a working business model that's profitable. That way, you can do what you're here to do AND make a living doing it. 

My wheelhouse is coaching and guidance related to blogging and content marketing, especially helping entrepreneurs sort through those sometimes painful “techy” problems. You know, stuff like, what solutions, services or plugins will work best, long term, for your specific situation. 

I will directly answer your questions with step by step breakdowns of how to achieve the goals you're working towards. 

“Sounds Perfect, Michelle, but... um, what's the Catch?” 

This is the part where I’m “supposed” to tell you, “Oh, there are no catches.” 

Nonsense. There’s always a catch with anything worth having, otherwise, everyone would have it, right?

Sharing my story in front of thousands
Content marketing training for a retreat of rockstar female entrepreneurs
Here’s my list of 3 honest catches
(Hey, there’s that number AGAIN!)

Catch #1 - This is an extremely limited offer...  

I've never actually done anything even remotely like this before. Truthfully, I could just never think of a way to help people directly in a way that made sense – especially given my own very busy family, work and appearance schedule.

I finally cracked the code with this solution, but there are only 5 total spots available. And this page will be seen by about 30,000+ as soon as I email it to my subscribers.

And once the program fills, which will happen quickly, that's it. There's only one of me (until someone masters cloning) so...

If you're considering this, now's the time to jump in.

(There's no ongoing commitment, so you aren't locked into anything. I don’t like that kind of nonsense, so I’m not going to subject anyone else to it.)


Catch #2 - An application and review is required...

If you've made it this far on the page, there's probably a 99% chance we're a great fit to work together. It matters to me that anyone I work with, truly gets the help they need and the results they're after.

For example, we’re not the best fit if you own a pizza shop, and have no interest in marketing online. And I don't want to help if you're selling “hype”, “thin air” or some sort of “get rich quick” scheme (you aren't, or you wouldn't be reading this).

So an application and review is required for this program. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours. If for any reason you aren’t accepted, your payment will be immediately refunded.


Catch #3 - I can be your “Genie”, but they’re are a few important limitations...

While many of my clients and students have assured me that I have “superpowers”, I’m a very realistic Genie, and realism includes clear boundaries, so...

First, this program does not include any financial or legal advice. It’s for educational, motivational and “get it done” purposes only.

Second, there are no guarantees as to the results you’ll get. But if we keep working together and you're really willing to work at it, I feel confident that the results you can get could be nothing short of awesome!

Third, you get three “wishes” each week.

That’s three questions or problems or ideas that you can send over. I’ll respond within a day (Monday - Thursday).

Why 3?

Let’s be honest… one of the reasons you’re still reading is that you know you need a focused plan and some accountability.

If I’m sending you back endless answers to endless questions, it’s actually not serving you at all. That goes against my mission to help you. 

And it’s the very reason that the number of wishes in the Aladdin’s Magic Lamp story was changed from “unlimited” to “3”.  

Results are always, always, always achieved by taking focused action

I want to help STOP the overwhelm and help you focus so you can take action on just the RIGHT things to move your business towards your goals. 

But just one wish per week - well that’s not enough! 

If you’re in action, implementing and making things happen, you’ll have 2-3 questions or problems a week that need guidance. 

That’s our “sweet spot”. And any MORE than three wishes - well that’s too many... It leads to a million directions, which will only tear you apart and not help you reach your goals. 

Fair warning though, if it’s any less than 3, you’ll be hearing from me with, “Hey, what’s up and how can I help?”


What kind of magic Genie would I be if I didn’t throw in a “beautiful (and very necessary) bonus” for you?

(Here’s where you say “RIGHT Michelle!” and anxiously await the “beautiful bonus” details…)

After working with hundreds of online entrepreneurs, I know one of the toughest things to do is step back from your own sales materials and review them objectively. 

But believe me when I say that having someone do that for you can literally get you results that you just have to experience to believe!

So once a week, you can send me a link and I'll review your webinar slides or outline, opt-in page, sales page, or other sales material (one item each week) to help you take it to the next level and get better results.

And I want to be totally transparent here. I’ve typically sold reviews for $697 or more in the past - so the value of this bonus alone is easily over $2500 - not the inflated “I could charge this in Imaginary Land” but the real “I’ve put $697 on a sales page and people happily paid me that price for this service.”

So while (sadly) I may not be able to mystically and mysteriously smoke my way out of a bottle singing in that deep Robin Williams Genie voice, or snap my fingers to make your house instantly clean, or your in-laws love you (yet)…

What I can and will do, is be here to... 

- Support you and hold your hand when you REALLY need it...  

- Hold you accountable when you REALLY REALLY need it...  

- Share the best resources, tools, and guidance most specifically helpful to you and your unique situation...

All this, from my mountains of trial and error I’ve gone through to attract over 32,000 subscribers and create $15K+ per month living in a remote little town in the frozen tundra of Alaska. 

If you’re still here, you know this is for you.

"Run, not walk,
to sign up!"
Michelle is so incredibly knowledgeable about blogging and getting seen online – 

...the fact that she’s willing to share the secrets that she’s worked so hard to uncover should make you want to run, not walk, to sign up!

Lisbeth Tanz

"It's amazing how quick things changed"
With [Michelle’s] patient guidance I now have a great website that is set up with all the bells and whistles.

[I’ve] increased my visibility by guest blogging. It’s amazing how quickly things changed when I started following her suggestions.

Julia Neiman
"More readers & more Amazon book sales"
…As for numbers … unique visitors, number of visits, and page views were all at least double previous monthly statistics, plus I saw a bump in book sales on Amazon…

Thanks, Michelle, for the inspiration and motivation to take my blog to a whole new level!

Marlys Arnold
Trade Show Marketing Strategist & Author
My Promise to You*

Here's what's included each month when you join me in this monthly program (don't worry, there's no contract or ongoing commitment, you can join up for a month, or stay indefinitely--whatever works best to get you the support and results you desire)...

1.  3 "Wishes" a Week

Send me up to three emails per week with one problem/question in each email.

I'll respond within a day, sharing ideas, solutions, tools - whatever I've got to help you solve the problem.

(My office days are Monday-Thursday)

2.  1 "Review" a Week

Send me a link and I'll review your webinar slides or outline, opt-in page, sales page, or other sales material (one item each week) to help you take it to the next level and get better results.

(I may even ask for permission to share the review on my blog, so others can learn, too.)

3.  Secret Goodies

Ah, the fun of secrets.  ;)  You'll get early previews, beta testing access, and a 25% discount on any other courses/workshops I offer.

Plus, you'll be the first one to hear my excited babbling about tools and services I find that save me time, make me more money, etc.

* Here's what's not included: puppies, unicorns, pizza... legal or financial advice... and coffee, bring your own coffee!  ;)

Click the Button and Let’s Get Started Today

The sooner you take action, the sooner you can start sending in your "wishes" and breathing a sigh of relief. 

As soon as you do, you’ll realize that “Crucial Key #3” really WAS the missing piece for you.

I’m excited. I can’t wait to start getting “wishes” from you. My personal wish is to make a difference for you and WITH you.

Also, while I love yoga and I’m pretty “bendy”, this lamp is really cramped.

Please click the button below so I can pop out and let’s do this, okay?

"It's about doing it and getting it out there"
Michelle has such a gift for taking big parts of business and chunking them down into understandable and easy-to-implement bits…

She is always encouraging and full of great ideas …with Michelle it isn’t about doing it perfectly, it’s about doing it and getting it out there!

Paula Tarrant
Inspired Women Work
"Michelle is the real deal..."
In an Internet driven world of digital snake oil sales people Michelle is the real deal.

Joe Aro
"Motivated me to get back to consistent"
your wealth of tips & resources greatly expanded my knowledge and motivated me to get back to being consistent.
Flora Brown, Ph.D.
Color Your Life Published
"Easy to implement so you get results"
Michelle goes above and beyond to help you with your blog to get your business out there, she is very knowledgeable. 

She shares a lot of information that is easy to implement so you get results. 

Kim Wende
Passionate Horsemanship
"1 of the best things I did for my business"
Taking Michelle’s blogging workshop increased my blog traffic and Facebook following… 

Investing in her blog workshop is one of the best things I did for my business. 

"I discovered I made a difference"
One of the most important things I discovered as a result of blogging, is the things that I blogged about made a difference to other people. 

…now I don’t think of ‘what will someone think’ about my blog post, but instead I focus on ‘who will my blog post help.’ 

Thank you Michelle! You are an amazing leader and business success role model!

Julie Henderson
The Direct Sales Success Coach
"I recommend and endorse everything she teaches"
Michelle is a dear friend and one of the smartest marketing techies I know and I recommend and endorse everything she teaches.

You see, in a world where way too many "blogging experts" can only teach theory, Michelle is the real deal; been-there-done-that-kind-of-gal!

Adam Urbanski
The Marketing Mentors
"Saved me a ton of tears and heartache"
As a “lurker” who has read your newsletter for quite a while, I am irritated with myself for not jumping in and taking one of your courses MUCH sooner. 

It would have saved me a ton of tears and heartache as I’ve struggled to get my blog up and running. 

Blogger & Entrepreneur