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flatscreen monitor with notes written on itDid you tell me about WorkFlowy?

MJ did. Kathy did. Lou did. Bo did. I’ve kind of lost count to be honest.

But I didn’t listen.

Not the first time someone mentioned it. Not the second time, either.

When MJ said it had a mobile app and was keeping her more organized, I almost listened. But then I didn’t.

Kathy told me how much it was helping her stay on top of her do list.

Then one day I finally got frustrated. Super frustrated. I’d forgotten about an important task that was hiding in a sea of sticky note reminders. And this meant getting it done immediately in order to make the deadline.

It also meant I needed to re-evaluate how I was tracking my to dos.

Suddenly the idea of WorkFlowy was very appealing… so I finally checked it out and gave it a try.

More than a month later I’m using it daily and love it. It works with the way my brain tracks things.

I’m also sleeping better.  Because when something comes to mind that I need to get done I can add it easily from my phone, ipad, android tablet, laptop, PC, or anything else connected to the internet.  I can take a quick look through it at night and add anything I need to do the next day.

You’ll also notice I’m blogging about it and sharing it with you.

What’s my point?

How many times did I need to hear about it before I signed up?

I needed to hear about it over and over, learn a little about the benefits it had, and then the “perfect storm” situation had to happen — that’s when I finally gave it a shot.

You know all that work you’re doing right now?  You’re sharing helpful content on your blog, connecting with people on social networks, consistently sending email to your lists, making offers, creating cool things, encouraging others to share you and talk about you.

Keep creating awesome things and stay focused on being of service to the world around you.

It’s going to pay off. Be patient. You’re on the right track.

You and WorkFlowy.