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Thank you for clicking through to this page. My message to you today is simple...

If you’ll let me, I’d like to give you 5 powerful gifts.

Together they form a kind of... “prescription” to help cure the single biggest thing that’s likely been hindering your success online.

Something You May Not Realize

This may sound strange, but if you’re here reading this, it probably means you’re suffering from a rare “condition”...

And whether you know it or not, this “condition” you have has been preventing you (up till today) from really figuring this whole “online business” thing out.

It’s called “give-a-damn”, meaning you actually care. That makes you a rare breed of entrepreneur. You’re what I refer to as a “Give-a-Damn-Preneur”. I’ve spent my career online finding and helping people like you succeed. It’s really what I love doing most.


Because I have the same “condition.”

And, unfortunately, I learned a very important principle the hard way. If you don’t understand the art of navigating the world of online business (while actually giving a damn), you may find yourself feeling a bit lost and confused. You might wake up one morning (or maybe many) wondering, “Is this some kind of pipe dream, or can I actually do this?”

And I know it may seem a little odd for me to talk about “caring” like it’s some sort of “condition” or “disease,” but let’s look at how Mr. Webster’s trusty dictionary defines the word:


a particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person

In just a moment, I’d like to share some data with you that proves how actually giving a damn is the single biggest “quality”, “habit”, or “disposition” that’s been “adversely affecting” your chances of success online.

Before that though, a bit of good news. Today, I’ll show you a path that can transform your “give a damn” from a “condition, into your single greatest strength as an entrepreneur.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself...


The Art of Actually Giving a Damn

Quick backstory: The working title of the book I’m currently writing is, “The Art of Actually Giving a Damn: Rise of the Empath Entrepreneur.” I chose that title for two reasons: Firstly, I wanted a memorable title for my book (a title’s a hook-line too, after all!). But there’s an even more important reason I chose that title...

I care very deeply about helping other give-a-damn-preneurs.

I care whether or not you succeed or fail...

I care whether or not you grow your list of subscribers...

And, honestly, I care whether or not you create revenue with your online business...

(That’s not something I used to be OK with focusing on in my own business. Maybe you struggle with it too and I can help.)

But the thing I care about more than any of that, is helping you figure out how to do all those things, without letting go of who you are.

American Poet, Dr. Maya Angelou said:

“People don’t remember what you say or what you do...

They only remember how you make them feel.”

~Dr. Maya Angelou

If we ever lose sight of that truth, all the “success” in the nine known universes won’t be worth whatever colorful paper it’s printed on.

A Slightly-Harsh Truth

The data I’m about to reveal may shock and disturb you. It needs to be shared, though. So, I’m just going to cut straight to the chase and hope you’re ready to make the leap with me.

Whether you know it or not, actually giving a damn makes you an “empath entrepreneur”. And, no matter what industry you’re in, you and your business are competing with 2 other kinds of very formidable entrepreneurs...

“Sociopath entrepreneurs” and “narcissist entrepreneurs”.

In the book, “Snakes in Suits” Doctors Paul Babiak and Robert Hare, give a comprehensive look into how sociopaths operate in business. Their data shows that the number of sociopaths running companies is 4 times higher than the number of sociopaths found in the regular population. The only place where the ratio of sociopaths is higher, is in the prison system.

The book (and the research it’s based on) illustrate that, ”...sociopaths tend to be, “methodical, charismatic and highly adept at manipulation. Unfortunately, these and certain other sociopathic traits, like extreme focus and risk-taking, are very helpful to entrepreneurs.”

And in a 2014 article detailing a study of narcissist CEOs, Stanford Business Magazine showed something very telling: “the narcissist CEOs of 32 prominent companies studied, invariably receive much higher direct compensation (including salary, bonus, and stock options) than their non-narcissistic peers.

And similar to sociopath entrepreneurs, “...the narcissist exhibits numerous qualities that help in business – in particular; charm and grandiosity, which can be mistaken for vision or confidence.”

These findings, along with numerous other studies and books, make it very clear. Sociopath and narcissist entrepreneurs have more power, and make more money than entrepreneurs exhibiting empathic traits.

And it’s not just about the power or the money. Think about the trail of broken people, broken communities, and broken dreams that they leave in their wake.

Well, I say ENOUGH!!

I know it’s easier to pretend we don’t have the power to change it – but we DO! Because there’s one thing I’m 1,000% sure of. There IS a way to succeed WILDLY, while STILL caring about the people we serve and the world we live in.

If This Doesn’t Prove You Can Do This...

I rarely share my business numbers, but you need to know that you really can succeed. I’m certain the best way to fix most of the problems we face in this world is to empower people of character and empathy to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Once you hear my story, there’s no way you’ll be able to say anything other than, “YEAH, IF SHE CAN DO THIS, I DEFINITELY CAN!” You can and I’m about to show you how, so read on...

Here’s a question for you: How is it that a paralyzingly shy lil’ redhead, from remote snowy Alaska (me), somehow managed to build her online business to $8,000+ in monthly income...

...without ever having to “meet” or “network” with anyone in person?

Then, how did that same Alaska gal (Hi! Me again.) leverage her online business to overcome her shyness and wind up on stage, speaking in front of thousands, teaching them how to create their own success online?

And flash forward to today...

How is it that someone who regularly hid under tables in school (frozen with social anxiety) has continued to grow her email and social media reach to over 85,000, plus $18K in monthly income?

Well, I can tell you this: it’s not because I’m a super charismatic outgoing person.

I did NOT use “2 easy push-button tools” or any “secret copy and paste shortcut” to do it.

THAT is nonsense! If it actually worked, we’d all be millionaires, wouldn’t we?

It can be “SIMPLE” (with the right guidance), but it’s far from “EASY”. And it breaks my heart everytime I see someone fall for that kind of line.

Hope I didn’t just scare you off with that instance of slightly-harsh truth...

The reality is, growing your dream business is totally achievable. But it’s hard work – especially for those of us who genuinely care about how our business makes people feel...

Our Minds Just Work Differently

Over the years, so many people have told me I’ll never “succeed” unless I...

  • • “Toughen up and stop caring so much.”
  • • “Just say whatever sells – 90% of people won’t use what they buy anyway.”
  • • “Realize that business is about making money – everything else takes a back seat.”

Well, I refuse to accept that!

I appreciate the input and all, but I really don’t want that version of “success”. If you ask me, it isn’t really “success” at all.

What does that kind of advice say about the person giving it?

I mean, how does it reflect on the way they actually feel about me and my value? Everyone’s entitled to their own point of view, but I know when something’s not right for me. I’m proud to be an entrepreneur who gives a damn...

And those of us who do, we think differently than the cooler blooded, more calculating kind of people we often see having fast “success” online.

We feel, before we think...

We can’t explain how we know what we know about something, before we do it. We just feel it. So, complex, mechanical processes don’t easily gel in our heads. We get paralyzed by whiz-bang tools for building out mind-numbingly intricate sales funnels...

We’re moved by real human exchanges...

That makes it challenging to manage and maintain multiple thousands of virtual pseudo “friends” or followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the like, and...

We read unconscious signals...

Making sense of complex, one-directional email follow up campaigns is tough. And sitting in front of a webcam, conducting a webinar, in front of an unseen audience, is so disorienting for us..

Let’s Be 100% Honest...

This place where we’re trying to build a business – the Internet – is composed of wires, code and data. It’s cold. It’s mechanical. It’s everything we’re NOT. So, is it possible for someone who feels their way through life to actually find success in this online world of wires and digits?


Why am I so sure about it?

Well, I know something you may not know yet. Once you decide what your business is about, you’ll run into 2 challenges that you MUST overcome, to turn your “give-a-damn” from a “disease” into your “superpower”. It took me a while and a bunch of mistakes to figure out these 2 “things” I’m about to share with you. But they are all you need to focus on, so please pay close attention...

If you take only these 2 “THINGS” away from this message, you’ll have all you need to create the life and business you envision.


Use Tested Frameworks to Avoid Potential Creative Paralysis.

Most people don’t realize that there are 2 different kinds of “creativity”:

“Chaotic Creativity” pulls you in so many directions, you never get anything resembling a real “business” in place. Unfinished projects; conversations without closure; great ideas that never see the light of day – you know what I’m talking about.

“Constructive Creativity” relies on proven frameworks for things like your blog posts, email sequences, sales funnels, webinars and social promotions. These frameworks keep you from getting stuck, like you’ve ended up down the wrong corridor of a mouse maze – no cheeze anywhere in sight.


Never Fly Blind – Use a Constant System of Feedback to Keep You on Track

Without a circle of real, human-based feedback, we “give-a-damners” can get lost and wind up feeling like we’re stranded on a desert island alone.

Thing is, you can actually get thrown off track by the “wrong” kind of feedback, so you have to be able to tell the difference between helpful feedback and unhelpful feedback (more on that in a moment). This is something I can and will, lend a hand with!

Helping people figure these 2 “things” out is what I’ve been doing for the last 8 years. But let’s be honest. It’s easy to say that something is “simple” when it’s only a concept. The trick is always in the execution of a thing, isn’t it?

So, right now, I’d like to give you an exact set of 5 steps that leverage “THING #1”: EMBRACE CONSTRUCTIVE CREATIVITY” and “THING #2: RELY ON HUMAN FEEDBACK”. These steps must be taken immediately, if you truly want to grow your business.

I call these 5 steps...

The 5 “Must-Take” Steps to Double Your Business, Every 90 Days, for the Next Year

And to help you take each of these steps, I also want to give you 5 gifts. I call them “Kits”.

The first 4 of these 5 steps help with “THING #1: EMBRACE CONSTRUCTIVE CREATIVITY”.

After that, there’s a fifth step I’ll share with you. It helps with “THING #2: RELY ON HUMAN FEEDBACK”.

When you follow all 5 of these steps, your chances of success will increase exponentially. I know, because following them is exactly how I doubled my business every 90 days back when I figured this out. And you can too!

But please don’t wait. These steps are time-sensitive. The longer you wait to take them, the longer it will be before you get the results you desire.

So here are the first 4 steps you need to follow...


I don’t want to get all “fancy” here. When I say “social hub” I’m talking about your blog. Remember, your blog’s the only piece of web real estate that you’re in complete control of.

Things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube are all awesome, in their own way.

But it’s NOT SAFE to rely on any of those alone.

Those sites change their rules constantly and you can literally lose an entire wing of your business overnight.

All your social profiles need to link back to your blog, and from there, your blog needs to link to your other social profiles. All of that together, needs to drive into your sales funnels (more on that in a sec).

And here’s the most important rule about your social hub...

Avoid Focusing on More Than 4 Core Social Profiles

No matter what anyone tells you (hoping you’ll buy into their latest/greatest program), 4 is the magic number. Focusing on any more than 4 profiles will only weaken your overall social presence. I mean, unless of course you’ve got multiple, full-time assistants who can manage that for you?

No? There’s only one you? Then give yourself permission to be human, and focus on doing a great job with 4 profiles, OK?

It's honestly a lot easier than you think. And it will make you look better. You can use the “4-Core Social” method I teach. I’d like to give it to you today as part of my first gift.

And here’s why this first step is so key. Let’s face it, I can sit here and tell you all day how successful you’re going to be online. But, the truth is, no matter what industry you’re in – whether you’re...

...People have to respect you and take you seriously online or your business can never really take off.

Do People Take You Seriously Online?

Immediately after you introduce someone to your online business, what’s the first thing they do?

Right, they go check out your social media profiles. ‘Cause, guess what...

Your Social Numbers are out there for the whole world to see.

The big question in their mind, when they do – “Should I take this person and their business seriously?”

You do it... I do it... We all do it...

And, if it’s a ghost town when they get there, your online biz looks like it’s covered in tumbleweeds (insert howling wind effect).

So, when people go look at your social numbers...

You’ve got to shine, because it matters – big time.

My First FREE Gift Kit for You: Simple Social Hub

You definitely want to shine with your social media, especially your forward-facing numbers...

So I wanted the first gift I give you to be something that helps you do just that.

Earlier, I mentioned my “4-Core Social” method. I'm not going into detail here about exactly how it works. I’ll show you everything in the first gift kit I want to give you today: The “SIMPLE SOCIAL HUB”.

In this kit, I explain exactly how I set up and automate my own social hub to quickly grow my reach to 85,000+. It’s designed to be as simple and hassle-free as humanly possible.

With this free kit, you’re also going to get my “Social Engine 7-Up” visual training. This follow up to my 4-Core Social Method quickly walks you, step-by-step, through setting up whichever 4 of the top 7 social engines you decide on.

You’re also getting my “Social-Matic: Automation Secrets”. I automate 90% of the social media that’s driven the growth in my business. You can too! Makes you feel a lot less “frustressterated” about keeping up with your social media.

Then there’s my “Soc-Cal: Ultimate Social Media Calendar”. Honestly, between you and me, this has been the REAL secret behind my rapid growth on social media. It’s an example of having a “framework” to keep creativity constructive. Watch as your social presence quickly scales to a point where people take you very seriously.

And lastly, my “Social Wildfire” checklist ties all these components together. I also show you 3 specific ways you can get your front-facing social numbers to grow faster than a werewolf’s fingernails (Not sure how fast they grow, but I think it’s pretty fast…), so basically your social media will grow really fast, OK?

Really though, a legit social presence makes people take you seriously, and not just other business associates. Your family and your friends will suddenly start seeing you in a different light too. Might not seem like a big deal, but when your fam starts telling everyone what a success you are, it can have a really profound effect on your mind and your business. Trust me on this one.

My “SIMPLE SOCIAL HUB” kit is something I usually offer for $47. But, today, I'll share the whole enchilada with you, free of charge.

And that brings us to the next step...


Paid traffic can do wonders, once you wrap your mind around it. The biggest problem is, it’s risky (and really, really pricey), even for seasoned, paid ad experts. That’s not what this step is about.

This is a Special Kind of “Zero-Cost” Traffic.

It’ll get the greatest number of the right people seeing your content and offers.

First, let’s talk about both of the 2 main types of zero-cost traffic:

1) Zero-cost “crowd” traffic

2) Zero-cost “influencer” traffic

The “Un-Smart” Traffic Everyone Focuses On

Most people focus on that first kind of zero-cost traffic, “crowd” traffic. They use it to try to get visitors to share their content and offers. Problem is, nearly everyone stops at just adding social share buttons to their pages. Pretty much no one clicks them – not if adding them is the only thing you do.

The result?

Your content ends up lost in the sea of white noise online.

Maybe you get a few actual shares and a little traffic, but it’s mostly just you and the crickets.

(Poor crickets get such a bad rep thanks to this metaphor)

Fortunately, there are other ways to tap into the online “crowd”. One way is to use promotional networks like Triberr.com, JustRetweet.com or SocialBuzzClub.com. These sites reward users for sharing other people’s content. And they can work really well to get small to medium amounts of zero-cost traffic.

But what about that second kind of zero-cost traffic I mentioned?

Zero-Cost Influencer Traffic?

Pay close attention...

Because this kind of traffic can mean smooth sailing in your business, specifically for you as a Give-a-Damn-Preneur.

Let me explain...

Since just about everyone focuses on the “crowd traffic” I just talked about, that leaves an opening for you. See, hardly anyone bothers going after the solid-gold standard for zero-cost traffic. I’m talking about traffic from the influencers in your space.

This is where the absolute biggest waves of traffic can come from.

If people only knew how simple it is to get influencer traffic, they’d definitely think differently about it…

The 7 Top Secret-est Influencer Traffic Secrets

I'll give you an exact framework that includes the 7 best ways to get yourself featured by (and associated with) the top influencers in your space. And that only, always leads to greater reach and more revenue for you! And 4 of these 7 ways don’t even require you to talk to anyone or ask for anything.

To illustrate the point...

Here’s a shot of my traffic going from crickets to a swarm of locusts.

(Ummm...OK, not the friendliest analogy, I guess!)

Point of the creepy locusts metaphor is, I got the attention of a single online influencer...

...without needing to talk to anyone.

Influencer Traffic Beats Them ALL

Suddenly, my phone started blowing up with alerts, as the traffic turned into more subscribers (then customers) in a single day than I got the 3 months before that.

Most people don't realize this, but influencer traffic is actually the best-performing traffic online – not paid traffic or crowd traffic. It converts better into subscribers and customers, because trust is being transferred from an influencer to you. And believe it or not, it can actually be the easiest of those 3 to get.

So what are the best ways to get influencer traffic?

Find out in the second kit I want to give you today...

Your Second FREE Gift Kit:
Shaeffer’s 7 Super Secrets of Influencer Traffic

(Don’t judge. It’s a quadruple alliteration – That’s 4 S’s...”Shaeffer”, “Seven”, “Super” and “Secret” – never claimed to be a great namer). This is one of my most popular kits. I offer it for $97 on my blog, but I’d like to give it to you today FREE OF CHARGE along with my SIMPLE SOCIAL HUB kit. I'll show you how to get it in a sec.


Before I even get rolling with this one, let me say...

This step is not for everyone.

Webinars are a fantastic way to connect with an audience and teach them something of value. They’re also a highly effective tool to generate revenue, through selling. But after running and attending literally hundreds of webinars, I have to say, most people just aren’t getting it quite right.

Almost everyone is either over-selling on their webinars, or they’re deathly afraid of selling at all. Neither of those methods really works to grow a real business online.

I’d like to show you an unusual webinar approach.

These things are working like crazy!

I’ve been using this unusual approach for more than a year now. I learned it from my friend, Allen. He’s one of the top webinar and live webcast experts in the world. He told me I could share it with you. It’s called the “Teach-2-Sell” webinar approach. It’s a counter-intuitive approach that actually works best when you don’t do any “selling” at all. Instead, you teach TWICE – once about your content, then a second time about your offer.

One More Thing About Webinars That Work...

I see so many people wasting time and money with complicated, over-priced webinar tools. This unique Teach-to-Sell approach is designed to help you put on highly profitable webinars, without needing any expensive webinar software. That way, you can save the money, or spend it on something cool (possibly shoes, coffee, or other gifts for your favorite online trainer – hint hint).

I do more than half of my webinars using this approach, so I can vouch 100% for how well it works. And I’m not the only one who’s using it to get great results.

Look at how well it’s working for my friend Rebecca...

“Michelle, this approach to doing webinars has taken all the anxiety out of the process for me. I was starting to wonder if it was actually possible to really make money in my business using webinars. IT IS!”

~Rebecca Haye - Interior Design Trainer

Your Third (Possibly Most Important) FREE Gift

This unusual “Teach to Sell” approach is how I've helped so many people create great success and generate thousands of dollars with their webinars.

And the best part is, it’s even working for people with little or no previous experience conducting webinars, like Dr. Vo. She’s a personal coach...

“I’ve been a professional life coach for over a decade and this webinar approach is hands down the most effective thing I’ve ever done in my business. Thank you so much!”

~Dr. Vo PhD, LPC-S

And, since it’s also yours today (as my gift to you) you can check it out and see if it's something that’s right for you in your business. If you decide it is, believe me when I say, you won’t be able to resist applying it immediately.

Stand out as a leader in your space by rolling out this unique new approach to webinars, ahead of everyone else.

And that brings me to the fourth, and final step I wanted to share with you today...


What I’m talking about here is really what distinguishes your business from a “hobby” – a well constructed, sales funnel.

I know you’re hearing all over the place about how important “sales funnels” are. And, these days, when it comes to bringing in revenue for your business...

If you don’t have a solid funnel, you don’t have an online business.

The good news is, this is one thing I can definitely help you with.

I used to have such a tough time creating funnels that would actually convert into sales. Then, I started working with a client who’s a top funnel architect. Boy did that experience make a huge difference!

The Real Secret to a Great Sales Funnel

Your online sales funnels don’t need to be super-complicated. The trick to a great funnel is simply using the RIGHT funnel for your industry. If you’re a...

  • Coach or a Consultant, your funnel has to project you as an expert and quickly close people on your services...
  • Authority Blogger, your funnel’s flow needs to create demand for your valuable knowledge...
  • Affiliate Marketer, you need a streamlined funnel framework that you can quickly adapt to multiple affiliate offers, or...
  • Brick and Mortar Business Owner, you need a funnel that will get people into your business, buying your products or services...

Simple, effective sales funnels are the single most common and important factor behind the success of the biggest names, across industries:

People like Neil Patel, Marie Forleo, Brendon Burchard, Sandi Krakowski and Amy Porterfield. They all have simple, but very effective sales funnels in place. So do I. So should you.


Your Fourth FREE Kit: Funnel-Money Framework

This one-of-a-kind kit includes a pre-built funnel frame work for your specific industry. Plus I’ll show you how to get the most out of your funnel, with the least amount of confusion.

That’s the Funnelest Thing I Ever Heard!

Like I said earlier, I used to avoid the thought of making money in my business. I felt guilty about it (I think). Then I realized something. As I created more revenue, I was able to help so many more people – both through my business and through giving to causes I care about.

Ever since then, I kind of just got over any feelings of guilt or shame I had about making money. It’s not my main focus, but it IS important. Without capital, there’d be no way to continue my mission of helping other Give-a-Damners.

On that note, I’m not going to beat around the bush about the purpose of this kit. I named it “FUNNEL MONEY FRAMEWORK”.

Why? Because online sales funnels are income engines, for your business. It’s as simple as that.

This kit is all about helping you make more money with your online business, using powerful (simple) sales funnels. It includes everything you need to know about what makes great funnels really work. Plus, I wanted to take it a step further and not just TELL you about funnels...

I decided to GIVE you a complete funnel for your industry...


Yep – I’m giving you a sales funnel, specifically for your industry, right now – FREE.

So, if you’re a coach, there’s a pre-built funnel for you. If you’re a consultant, there’s one for you too. If you’re an expert blogger, you got it. Same for you, if you’re an affiliate marketer or a brick and mortar business owner.

All you need to do is fill in a few blanks and you’re ready to roll in the shoe-money...

(Or whatever you like...for me, it’s SHOES!)

I don't want to say any more about it than that, here in this message. The truth is, the fewer people who know about this particular kit, the better. I’m sure you see the value in this kind of pre-built funnel framework...

There’s that word again!


Like I said, we Give-a-Damners NEED frameworks. That’s why these first 4 steps and gift kits are really built around them. My goal is to make the concepts as easy to understand and implement, as possible.

All you need to do is add some passion and your creative spark – and go!

You’re Probably Wondering How to Get These, Right?

I’m glad you’re interested. I’ve been blessed to have helped thousands of people grow their online businesses. My favorite thing is getting messages from people, like the ones below, about how my training and tools have impacted their business and their life:

“Dear Michelle. I am a bit on the ‘more mature’ side. This online stuff was so confusing to me, before I found your training. Now the jewelry I make finds its way to moms and daughters all over! Bless you.”

~Daisy Hoffman, Jewelry Crafter

“OMG! OMG! OMG! I’ve bought just about every online course around and nothing has helped me as much as your sales funnel training. I couldn’t make sense of anyone else’s. THANK YOU!

~Pablo Cruz, Personal Trainer/Dance Instructor

“Michelle, If I say any more than thank you, it won’t do it justice. Thank you for taking the extra time with me that wasn’t even part of what you promised. Just thank you.”

~Sharon Ogalvi, Online Business Manager

I Want You to Have This Same Feeling!

Believe me, not much else makes me feel better than receiving messages from people, like the ones I’ve been sharing with you.

But I’m even more excited about working with you and helping you grow your business. I want you to have this same kind of feeling when you help people. Money is fine (it really is, OK?) and it can be attracted, but...

Nothing feels better than knowing you’ve made a positive difference in someone’s life.

That’s the gift I really want to give to you. If you’ll let me, I’d like to show you how to help more people than you may believe is possible, right now.

And when you can make a better living doing it, you’ll get to keep on doing it.

That's why I created my Insider Club. And that's why I'd like to share the full details about exactly how I believe you can turn the fact that you actually care into your greatest strength as an entrepreneur. You don’t need to let it hinder your progress anymore.

It’s time to embrace your gifts as a give-a-damn-preneur and take charge of your business’ growth – starting right now!

Please, give my Insider Club a look. I know I can help you create the vision you have for your business – the vision inside your mind and in your heart. You can check it out and...

Get Access to Your Kits Now

Just let me know that you want to give the Insider Club a try. When you do, you’ll get access to the gift kits I’ve been telling you about – at no charge, including:





When you decide to become a member today, you’ll get all these gifts.

You’ll also get access to my core offering of Insider Club tools, training and community. It’s all specifically designed for give-a-damners, like us.


You’re getting access to the premium version of the tool that everyone has been going a bit bonkers over lately. It includes:

• The same core functionalities found in the free version of the app. You’ll know exactly how people will feel about your hook-lines, before you put them out there on the interwebs, plus...

• The “Get Ideas’ feature that gives you an endless supply of hook-line ideas for your sales page headlines, blog post titles and email subject lines...

And then there’s the premium features, like:

  • • The “Emotional Word Sort” Power Button...

With this, you can sort your word options by Excitement, Empowerment and Emotion. Your hook-lines will connect with people on whichever emotional level you choose.

Let’s say, for instance, that you want your blog post title or sales page headline to feel super-exciting, to catch your audience's attention. You just sort the word options by Excitement and voila! Instant excitement!

Or, let’s say you want your email subject lines to feel more empowering so you get more opens. You just click the Empowerment button and your word options will return based on that vector. This powerful feature can really send your click-throughs and open rates through the roof!

  • Benefits:
  • • Increased open rates
  • • Higher click-through rates
  • • More shares of your posts
  • • Higher opt in percentages

Next, there’s the very powerful premium feature:

  • • Demographic Hook-Line Ranking Tab...

This feature is a true game-changer. Nothing like it has ever been available as an automated tool. If you’ve seen me demonstrate the app, you may have noticed that I was able to scan my hook-lines by demographic categories, like “masculine” versus “feminine” and “older” versus “younger”, etc.

With this, there’s no more guessing how your words will play with different genders or age groups...

• Create hook-lines that catch men’s attention or...

• Know, in advance, how women are likely to respond to your words. That way you’ll never send them running to the hills, cringing, like so many overly masculine bloggers and marketers have been known to do.

I absolutely love this feature and I know it’s going to help you get a lot of the right kind of attention for your content and offers.


These are weekly, live webcasts where you’ll also get to hone your skills using the tools and the free kits I’m giving you today. We’ll dive deep into the different aspects of your business, including the areas that will have an immediate impact on your revenue and your reach. Things like:

Blogging and content marketing only work if you get 3 key things right. So let’s get those right!

I’ll show you how to apply my “VABROM” formula to your content marketing. With it, you’ll attract a perfect-fit audience. They’ll comment on and share your content – then turn into clients and raving fans!

How do you create sales page headlines that grab attention? Exactly how do you structure an offer, so your audience begs you to show them how to buy? And what are the exact pieces you need in your funnels to optimize them for the best results?

We’ll cover all of that.

We’ll Also Get Deeply Into Other Crucial Business-Growing Elements...

SUPED-UP SOCIAL! No more wasted time on social media (yes, you can still watch cat videos, but let’s also see a measurable return on your time). These are fun, fresh and easy-to-follow trainings. They cover how to grow your following on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and turn it into traffic and sales.

“Imposter Syndrome”?
BUH BYE (You are the real deal! Stop doubting yourself and let me help you with it).

Procrastination Monster?
SEE YA! (I may be little, but I’m extremely pestery. You will get things done with my help and the encouragement of the community)!

“Money Guilt Monkey”?
GET HIM OFF YOUR BACK (You need to let your gifts shine and share them with others, WHILE CREATING INCOME for you and your family, OK?)

These trainings will show you how to shift the way you’re thinking. As you do you can unlock your brilliance and power, share confidently, and discover hidden profits in your business (all while protecting your soul!). You may have already noticed… I’m not about some “robotic theory of business”, where all that matters are numbers and sales. “Whatever else business is, it ought to begin by being personal”.

And there’s so much more, including...


Think of this like Netflix for your online business. But when you BINGE WATCH this, your business grows, instead of your backside and thighs!

Every training webcast and video I create for the Insider Club lives inside this library for you.

So, when you’re stuck on something or ready to learn a new skill, you can login and search by keyword. Find exactly what you need in the library – right then.

No waiting for the next Q&A call. No more hoping someone responds to that telepathic cry for help you’re transmitting.

Save your telepathy for party tricks. You won’t need it when you get on-demand access to this one-of-a-kind training library.

And I’ll continue building it out, based on member requests and with weekly trainings.


Lack of connection with others is one of the toughest parts of being on your own as an entrepreneur. There’s no one at the desk or table next to you to bounce ideas off, get feedback from, or have a “coffee break” moment of “aha”, human connection.

One of my business friends says it’s like “working naked” to go from an office where you’ve got all the support and resources you need handed to you, to the entrepreneurial lifestyle where you often feel all alone.

That’s what the Insider Club Facebook group is for.

It’s a members-only, safe space. You’ll get the connection you crave, with other entrepreneurs who actually care and want to help.

Pop in to ask for support, look for recommended resources, share your latest blog post or special offer, find promotional partners, or just connect during that 5 minute coffee break you managed to sneak into your day.

Time for the BIG Question (Drumroll Please...)

“Which body parts or children will I have to sign over to get access, Michelle?”

Please keep your children. I‘ve got enough of my own to keep track of. Thanks, though! And while a third and fourth arm would come in super “handy” for keeping track of my kids, you can keep your limbs, too!

If you’ve seen many other online business programs out there, you know they typically cost about $97 per month. And the price to join the club will be $97 per month very soon. But, my goal is to get a core group of founding Members who want to help me to continue building this community.

I really don’t want price to be a stopping point for anyone who really cares about growing their business and helping other people. So, right now, you can try my Insider Club, for just $47 per month, or a single 1-year payment discounted by more than 20%, which I know, seems suspiciously low (you're welcome to pay me the $97, if it makes you feel good).

Why Is My Insider Club So Ridiculously Affordable?

My answer is a 2-parter...

First, like I said, the pricing is only for a short while – really to give people who want to be founders a chance to take the step first.

And second, to be honest, my business only works if members stay with me long-term. It’s why I’ve got to be sure that my tools and training are the best they can be. But I’m sceptical too, and I realize you’d probably like to try my program out. That way, you’ll know for sure that it’s perfect for you.

So here, I’m making it ultra-affordable, and essentially worry-free for you to try out. You can cancel anytime you want and keep the gift kits I’m giving you today. Seriously, if you decide (for any reason) the club isn’t right for you, just cancel. If you do, you can keep the gift kits (which makes them free, as promised).

In other words, when you take me up on this offer, you’re only agreeing to TRY the program out to make sure you love it.

I know it will be one of the best moves you ever make for your business.

And speaking of “moves”, there’s one final SURPRISE gift I’d like to give you...


When you get signed up today (before leaving this page), I’m also going to give you a last minute add-on bonus. It’s gift kit #5, “YOUR NEXT 3 MOVES”. It includes a live one-on-one call, where we’ll talk about your specific business.

Using this final framework, I’ll walk you through a special process to...

Figure out the EXACT next 3 moves for your business.

People started asking me how I get so much done, so I began walking some of them through this process and BOY OH BOY has it worked some major miracles! I decided to add this bonus kit and a LIVE call (with me) for a very specific reason. Remember those 2 “things” I told you about at the beginning of this message?

“THING #1” was “EMBRACE CONSTRUCTIVE CREATIVITY”. You’ll notice that all 4 of the other gift kits help you with this. They’re all simple frameworks that keep you from getting paralyzed with overwhelm (not a good feeling).

And “THING #2” was, “RELY ON HUMAN FEEDBACK”. That’s really what this fifth gift is about. I know a lot of online trainers leave everything up to ‘automation”, but there’s nothing that can ever replace the human touch, especially for us Give-a-Damners!

Some Final Thoughts...

This “Your Next 3 Moves” LIVE CALL is not something I’ll be able to offer indefinitely, so I hope you'll seriously consider this offer today...

Actually… you should do more than just “consider” it.

I know in my heart this will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make inside your business.

So let’s get started. Just go ahead right now and CLICK ON THIS LINK >>

It will take you to a secure order form. Your membership will be processed immediately, and you'll be shown how to get access to all the gifts. You’ll also get access to the Insider Club core training, tools and community.

Oh, and congrats! You made it through this entire page. I’m impressed. To me, that shows that you’re curious, determined and serious. All three of these are things you need to be if you really want grow a business online.

I can’t wait to work with you inside the Club, and watch your business transform into everything you know deep down inside it can and should be.