Here’s How to Write Sales Pages that Rock–and Sell!


Do you dread the blank page (or screen) every time you sit down to write sales copy? Do you have trouble describing exactly what you do or why it is special? (Funny, you have NO issues describing what makes someone ELSE awesome.) Are you worried that there are all these “secrets” to great copywriting you […]

Pushing Your Prospects Buttons


Guest Post by Debra Jason of The Write Direction As entrepreneurs one of the most important tools we have in offering our programs and services is the content (known as “copy” in the marketing/advertising industry) we use to communicate our messages. If I’m correct, you want to help others and I’m here to help you […]

Grab the Scissors & Duct Tape Before You Publish that Post!


Are your posts too long? Too short? Too boring?  Too self-centered? Too hard to read?  Too confusing to follow? Too.. something, but you can’t put your finger on it? An editing process can help you filter out the “you” that’s too much so you can focus on your readers, making your blog easier to read.

Is Your Website Flash and Fluff? Or Glitter and Bang?


EXV5HJ5XKRPP  Cute costume, but it’s still a dog, right? Not a faerie. It can’t fly. Dress it up however you want but it still says “Woof” (or in this case, maybe “Yip”). Some websites are like this cute little puppy. They’re flashy and fancy–all dressed up on the outside. But on the inside, the content […]