5 Ways to Get More Out of the New Timeline Pages

Are you trying to figure out what to do with that new “timeline” layout that’s taken over your Facebook page?

Never fear! Here are 5 easy actions you can take to leverage the new features we’ve been given by the Facebook overlords.

1. Use a Great Cover Photo

Make your cover photo attention grabbing and interesting. Consider changing it occassionally to keep it fresh.

Just touch the image with your mouse and a “Change Cover” option will show up in the bottom right corner.  Click that and choose your new image.  Dimensions are 851px by 315px.

What can you do with it?

Share photos of yourself/your business:

  • products or portfolio shots
  • speaking on stage
  • working in your office
  • with a client or group of clients
  • with a coach or your mastermind group
  • out networking or attending live events

Use a custom image collage or custom image:

2. Fill in Your “About” Box

If your page isn’t connected to a place, you’ve got about 165 characters here and if you put in a URL with http:// or www. at the beginning it will show as a live clickable link.


  • Keep it short and simple
  • Don’t use a bunch of buzz words or industry jargon
  • You CAN use a call to action in this box (such as “like my page to…”)

If your page is connected to a place, you won’t get to customize this space.  It will automatically show your address and contact info.  Just make sure it’s accurate and up to date.

3. Take Advantage of the Featured Boxes/Tabs

Instead of “tabs” we’ve now got boxes.  Only four will be featured on your page but you can see all the boxes on any page by clicking the small arrow on the right:

Change the box positions to feature the ones you want noticed.  If you have a great custom tab promoting a free opt-in gift, upcoming event, or sale you may want to feature it.  You may also want to make some boxes not show up when someone first lands on your page (for example, if you’ve only got a few fans, you can hide the “like” box while you grow your numbers).

Just mouseover the box you want to move and an editing pencil icon will appear.  Click that then click to swap it with the box of your choice.

4. Star & Feature Your Best Credibility Builders

With the two column layout of our pages, we can now “feature” some posts to make them show up as one column, stretching across the page.

Just touch your mouse over the status update, and you’ll see a star and editing pencil icon appear in the top right corner.  Click the star icon to feature it.

5. “Pin” a Welcome or Offer on Top of Your Page

You can “pin” the status update of your choice to the top of your page for up to 7 days.  You could use this to share a short welcome message or feature an upcoming event.

And there you go!  5 ways to get more out of your new Facebook timeline.

Got more time?  Check out the “Milestone” feature and add important events in your company history — awards, honors, etc.

What do you think of the new timeline?  Love it?  Hate it?  Still deciding?

What’s Your “Cover” Say About You?

Now that the new timeline is out on Facebook fan pages, there’s a cool spot you can customize!  It’s called the “cover photo” and it’s the gigantic image that shows up prominently at the top of your new timeline layout.

Here’s what I’ve done with mine:

If you’ve already got your cover photo up, I’d love to see what you’ve chosen to do with it. Link to your fan page in the comments below.

If you haven’t uploaded a cover image yet, here’s some helpful info for you.

How to Create Your Own Cover Image:

  • Go to www.Pixlr.com and click “Open Photo Editor”
  • Choose “Create New Image” and set your image to 851px wide by 315px tall
  • Now add whatever you’d like to your image
  • Save your image as a jpg
  • Upload to your Facebook fan page and set as your cover photo

The Rules to Remember:

  • Your image must be primarily an image (not all text)
  • You can’t put a call to action on it (such as “click to like!” or “visit me at…”)
  • It can’t include your contact information
  • No promotions (like “buy this at…” or “save $50!”)

* Check out Facebook’s official rules for the specifics, this is my summary as I understand them.

What Cover Photos Do You Like?

Which Facebook fan pages are having the most fun with their cover photos? Link to ’em in the comments!

Get More Bang for Your Blog with NetworkedBlogs

Icon by kyo-tux.deviantart.com

Once you’ve got your blog listed with NetworkedBlogs, here are some tips to help you leverage it to get more bang for your blog.

Anytime I mention the syndication page, here’s the link I’m referring to: http://w.networkedblogs.com/syndication

Send Your Posts to Twitter

You can use NetworkedBlogs to syndicate your posts to your Twitter accounts by following the steps at the end of yesterday’s tutorial.  You may not want to do this if you’re already using Twitter Tools or a similar plugin, but it’s an option.

Promote Your Blog Posts on Groups and Fan Pages You Admin

From the same “Syndicate” space you can setup NetworkedBlogs to send your posts to groups and pages automatically.  This will get your posts more exposure than if you only auto post to your profile. [Read more…]

What to Post on Your Facebook Fan Page – 11 Easy Ideas

When your Facebook fan page is new it can be challenging to figure out what to post. Here are 11 easy ideas to help you get started and generate content to interact with your fans.

Business News: Share any news related to your business. For example, upcoming events, a new location, new staff, changes to your website, appearances at local events, etc.

New Blog Posts: Use the NetworkedBlogs application to connect your website’s blog with your Facebook fan page and each time you post to your blog it will show up on your fan page as well.

New Products: Be sure to let your fans know when you’re introducing new products. Build anticipating by letting them know new products are coming, then announce when they’re ready for sale along with a link to the product on your website.

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