How to Show Off Your Popular Posts

Last week I promised I’d share some of the “beyond the basics” plugins I’m running on my blog.  One of those is PostRank and I use it to show off the “hot” posts on my website.

Why might you want to show off your popular posts?

  • You want readers to find your best content fast
  • You know your readers themselves are the ones who determine what’s “best”
  • You realize that if they can find more of your best content easily, they’re more likely to stick around and keep reading

So how can you figure out which posts are popular?  Enter PostRank.

PostRank is very cool.  It tracks not only which of your posts are being viewed and commented on most frequently, but also which posts are being shared more across social media sites, bookmarked and otherwise generating action.

They use what they call the 5 “C”s to assign points to actions (from most points to fewest):

  • Creation – you’ve inspired someone to create their own post and link back to you
  • Critique – you’ve motivated someone to leave a comment with their thoughts
  • Chatting – you’ve given them something to talk about and they’re sharing on social sites
  • Collect – you’ve been added to a social bookmarking collection
  • Click – you got a page view or rss feed click

Isn’t that awesome?  It’s the five stages you want to draw your readers through — from reading, to bookmarking, to sharing, to commenting and finally to take action based on what you share.

Get a more detailed description on how it works straight from PostRank at:

To install it on your blog:

Install the plugin and/or widget:

Once it’s installed then you can show off your most popular posts!

P.S.  You can see it action over there on the right side of this page.