10 Creative Ideas for Your Next Blog Post

Ready for a little creativity boost to help you write your next blog post?

Try one of these!


1.  Share “Behind the Scenes” in your life or business.

Let readers catch a glimpse of inside your life or business.

Share your office and a few tips about creating an inspirational space, staying organized, or whatever ties into your expertise.

If you sell a physical product, you could create a photo tour of your studio or workspace including details about the tools you use and your favorite work tips.

2.  Build on someone else’s words.

Be inspired by a great quote!  You could share a quote from someone famous or someone less-than-famous (like your kid, spouse, neighbor, or friend).

Quote inspired posts can be inspirational and motivational, funny or sarcastic.   There are quotes for every mood and theme.

Try these great sites for quotes:

3.  Play “Dear Abby…”

Do an advice column. You can make up your own questions for this or invite subscribers to send you their questions.

Or just pick a question that you get asked frequently, or one that your customers should be asking and answer it.

4.  Get controversial and dive into a hot topic.

What topics or posts have worked to get your readers talking?  Write about the 3 or 4 blog posts that you have received the most comments on.  Were those comments positive or negative?  Were the posts controversial?  Is there a theme of some sort?  Will you be writing more on that subject?

If your blog doesn’t have a post you’d consider “most popular” yet, then check out Facebook or Twitter to see what’s a hot topic and blog about that.

5.  Share your inspiration.

What inspires you?  Share a photo, quote, video, or something else that’s helped you stay motivated or get through those tough times.

Who inspires you?  Share someone who you admire, respect, or who you’ve learned from by profiling them on your blog.  Might be your favorite author from childhood.  Or a teacher who cared and made a difference in your life.  Maybe it’s your coach or a mentor.

6.  Spy on the bestseller’s list.

Books can provide all sorts of inspiration for blog posts. How about these blog post ideas:

  • a review of a book you’ve read recently
  • share your favorite fictional character from a book
  • create a “top 5” required reading list for your clients/industry
  • write about the book you most remember reading as a child (anyone else love the Ramona Quimby series?)
  • feature a book that taught you something or changed your perspective
  • if you’re an author, highlight your own book

Or, hop over to Amazon.com and go to the best seller list — either the best sellers, or top sellers in a particular category that fits with your blog.  You’ll find lots of inspiration just waiting for you.

7.  Borrow a page from Letterman and go “Top Ten” style.

You can write this one in many different ways and it doesn’t necessarily have to be 10, just using a list format can get our brains thinking creatively sometimes.

You could share…

  • Top 10 Reasons You Should (fill in the blank)
  • Top 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t (fill in the blank)
  • Top 5 Reasons I (fill in the blank)
  • Top 5 Blogs You Should Be Reading
  • The 7 Web Tools You Can’t Miss
  • 5 Ways to Succeed at (fill in the blank)
  • The 10 Coolest Places I’ve Visited
  • 5 Blogs I Discovered Recently
  • 10 Random Things About Me
  • My 3 Favorite (fill in the blank)

Does this idea look familiar?  Like you’ve seen it used somewhere recently… perhaps in THIS post?  ;)

8.  Interview yourself.

Share your own story in the format of an interview.

You can come up with questions based on what questions you’re frequently asked, focusing on what’s unique about you and your life.

Or, check out the StoryCorp’s website and this list of Great Questions.

9.  Interview someone else.

Brainstorm a list of people who could make an interesting interview for your readers:

  • Other experts in your niche
  • Experts with complimentary services/products
  • Your own clients/customers (success stories)
  • Authors or popular bloggers in your niche
  • Members of your team
  • Your partner/spouse or a family member

10.  Search Wikipedia for “today in history” inspiration.

Search for a specific date in Wikipedia and you’ll find a list of holidays, major world events, famous births and deaths that happened on that day in history.

Your turn!  Do any of these ideas strike you as something that could work for your blog?  Or, what are your favorite creative ideas for blog posts?


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    These are great ideas! I am using the “blogger interview” type of post once a week on my blog – it makes me so happy to put other bloggers in the spotlight and help them get more exposure for their blog!

    I also like the top X posts, though I try to keep it at 3-5 so I don’t overwhelm my readers. I also use “You asked”-type of posts where I answer questions from my readers and business friends.

    Thanks for this awesome list Michelle, sharing!

  2. says

    Sharing inspiration works amazingly well Michelle, great tips overall! People love inspiring posts, accompanied by pictures or videos.

    Also the top 5 or top 10 posts rock. Most number themed posts help you connect with your readers quite effortlessly because numbers are pleasing to the mind – orderly environment here – and people like to check out what pleases them.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted… Shot of the Pacific Ocean Quepos Costa RicaMy Profile

  3. says

    One additional way that I come up with a new idea on what to write about is to look through my images that I have. Since I have a smartphone, I take all kinds of pictures. Many times I will take that image and ask myself, “How does this relate to my niche of WordPress?”

    For example, I had a picture of an abandoned house when I went hiking. As a result of that picture, I eventually wrote a post comparing talking about revising an abandoned website that someone might have! When I took the picture, I had no idea that I would be using it on my site – I just thought it looked very interesting.
    Paul B. Taubman, II recently posted… Learn To Earn (for Free!)My Profile

  4. says

    These ideas are very fun and creative. I read some place recently, over the weekend, I think that having a list format increases readership. You are such an idea maven. Thank you.

  5. says

    This is an awesome list. I’d like to pin it to my blogging pinterest board–is there a pin button that I’m just not seeing? I picked up an idea for generating ideas for blog posts from my mastermind group meeting this morning. Here it is, free of charge for you, Michelle, since you’re just so amazing and helpful, yourself. This gal at the meeting said that she reads comments on sites like Amazon.com and finds questions that people ask, and then she addresses them in blog posts. Isn’t that an interesting idea?
    Amy recently posted… Hoophouse Phase 7: planting and mulching and watering–at last!My Profile

  6. says

    I love these!! I already use some of them (quotes, inspiring people) but not systematically, and this list is great to have for when you’re stumped!

    I like to share life hacks I’ve discovered. Sometimes it’s a techy tool, or just a new or inventive way of doing things — like the “New uses for old things” feature in Real Simple Magazine.

    Still topping my list of favorites is followupthen.com, that lets you pre-schedule an email to yourself at any interval you choose (a day , 2 weeks, 4 months, a year,) to remind yourself to call someone or do something. I use it to remind myself to cancel subscriptions that are about to be charged again, by sending myself an email at 11months@followupthen.com as soon as I subscribe. I just saved myself $50 because i decided not to renew something for this year. If I had not had the reminder, I would have been auto-charged and probably would have said “the heck with it”. Of course, then i went online and bought myself something fun with the $50! :-)
    Lisa Rothstein recently posted… Don’t Get Sick, Get Some PrioritiesMy Profile

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    Hi Michelle, Wow, this is a pretty complete list! I like the idea of interviewing yourself :) I should try it. BTW, I also use inforgraphics to create some of my blogs. It is easy and fun to do it because you have basically all the information in the inforgraphic. What I do is to comment and highlight the key points. Here is an example – http://www.goldenvisiontraining.com/simple-seo-guide-for-beginners-in-2013/
    Pinterest is a great place to look for infographics in your niche.
    Mary Wang recently posted… Google Keyword Planner Makes Your Keyword Search More EffectiveMy Profile

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    These are great ideas. Thanks Michelle! I’ve shared it on my “Share Your Blog” FB group, because there’s a lot of value here!

    On my new blog, which I official launched yesterday – 10th Aug 2013, I have 3 blog series I’ll be doing – An inspirational Monday motivator message, a series on WordPress (as that’s what I do in my business) and a general how-to series for business owners.

    I’m no stranger to blogging. However, I’ve had quite a long break from it and just recently started getting back into it. Thanks to you and a couple of other business leaders who inspired me! :)
    Jaelex recently posted… Welcome To My BlogMy Profile

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    Hi Michelle,

    Great post and everybody has left such inspiring, useful comments. I know we can’t always have our creativity switched on 24/7 but I try to always be taking in whats going on around me.

    Might sound strange. But by having a conversation, eating out, brief interactions, watching TV, listening to others and generally just living life I pick up on ideas for my next blog post. The two may be completely unrelated, but it works!

    One more thing… when I get an idea i always write it down straight away, so when my creativity is in slow drive I have plenty to work with.

    Thanks for a great read

    Naomi recently posted… 7 Reasons Why Any Business Start-up Must Have a WebsiteMy Profile

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    I have just stumbled onto your blog… What a treat!!!
    I was just thinking that I’m wanting to bring a bit more fun into my blogging (and that I don’t want it to be a chore to have to come up with cornerstone type stuff)… And then I’m gifted with this post… Thank you so much!

    As a visual storyteller… Some of the things I started brainstorming:
    – Dear Emma… To answer FAQ’s
    – will try a creative take on behind the scenes…
    – I’m going to test the concept of a hot topic
    – I find that I want to do the interview… And would love to do it podcast style… But am finding the concept of it scary (will check out the link)!

    A great list of very useful concepts… Thank you!

  11. says

    Some truly creative tips, Michelle! Thank you! #HUGSSS

    I especially love the ‘Interview Yourself’ part – never thought about it. I could also have my pup interview me (hey, I have interviewed him :P ) hehe

    Thanks a lot

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