13% of Bloggers are Entrepreneurs? More Cool Stats Here

Did you know that 13% of bloggers are entrepreneurs blogging for their businesses?  Another 8% are corporate businesses.

Check out the fascinating stats in the infographic below (and share what YOU found most interesting in a comment!):


What did you find most interesting or helpful in this infographic?


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    I am amazed to know that women blog more than men do. The most happy fact for me was that 70 percent of internet users read blog as it gives me good feeling.

    The revenue earned by bloggers is quite drooling for me. Some made me shocked, some happy and some neutral.

    A good to know, cool facts here about blogging. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece. Anyway, I found this on kingged.
    Rohan Bhardwaj recently posted… A Poem of SilenceMy Profile

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    Very enjoyable to read and get a better understanding of what is possible. I would be very happy to break the $1000 Dollar a year level. As a retired person living on Social Security, this income is very important to me, but I’m yet to make enough for it to mean much to my lifestyle.
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    It feels good to know that i contribute to the undeniable statistic that most bloggers are, in fact, female and that my blog makes up part of the 13 percent of people who own their own business and use blogging to further their goal of earning a living through the internet. It is not always easy but I love what I do.
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    Nice an very informative post

    I am sure that this is the best info graphic I have ever seen . It is providing a whole lot of information about blogging . It is true that not all bloggers on web are blogging for their personal benefits. Out of them many manage their blogs for providing a source of traffic to their respective business sites.As blogging provides all the features required to develop and market the business websites many people use them . With he help of it they can provide information and also at the same time can market about the business services or products.

    Good info graphic an I hope this would help many people especially blogger entrepreneurs.

    Thank you for sharing.
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