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Welcome to Reality

You’re reading my blog so I think I already know the answer to “are you committed to being real?” is likely YES.  But let’s chat about it today anyway.

Here’s the lesson I’m learning from a humor blogger, spiritual guide, and business book… (maybe it’s knowing what to notice…)

This message from Danielle LaPorte floated through my Facebook stream this morning:

Forget about being impressive and commit to being real.

I love that woman. If you aren’t subscribed to her blog, go check it out now (but come back here and share your thoughts with me, okay?).

This is what I’m feeling right now in my own life and business.

It’s what stood out to me when I read Suzanne Evans’ book (short review).

Through chats with my coach this week, I’ve been reminded that it’s enough to be where I am, share what I know and what I’m learning, and that there’s value in that.

During yesterday’s fun blogging workshop with DJ Paris, he shared that he runs his posts through a couple of filters before he hits publish (is it honest, vulnerable, and funny?).

Here are the two questions I’ve been asking before I hit publish:

1.  Is it worth my audience’s time to read?
2.  Is it complete and helpful?
Complete = does it make sense on it’s own and/or is the idea I want to communicate fully developed?
Helpful = will readers be inspired or empowered after reading it?

Those are the things that matter to me when I blog (or send any email to your inbox).  But I think I need to add a third filter.  Bold, honest reality.

I’m not out to impress you.  I’m just me.  I’m okay with that.

I’ve had weird conversations with names you’d probably recognize where I found out that the “image” didn’t even begin to match the “reality.”

There’s an important place for confidence in your skills, stretching yourself, and being professional in how you communicate–that’s not what I’m referring to here.  I’m also not referring to those who haven’t shared the most amazing, vulnerable parts of themselves and their stories that draw me in and that there’s such beauty in–we each share bits and pieces of our journey when we’re ready.

I mean the outright, deliberate lies.  Misrepresentation of what they care about, the results clients get, the experience they’ve got or other things about their business–not just omitting the full truth (it’s okay to not share everything all the time) but writing a crazy fictional version instead.

Stop it!  Don’t let insecurity or fear drive you to do that.  Ever.  You’re enough and the only one to compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday (that’s a terribly remembered quote from someone better with words than I am).

Shoot to always be real and honest.  Go for your dreams and make amazing things happen, despite whatever challenges or obstacles try to stand in your way.  But be real along the way.

So here’s my promise to you…

I won’t sugar coat it.  I won’t do the rainbows and unicorns thing.

At times I might even be too transparent, but I’d rather share too much reality (and save you from dealing with some of the same problems I’ve created for myself over the years…) than worry about impressing you or projecting something I’m not.  Never perfect, but I am pretty great at what I do and I’ll keep getting better.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’ll be sharing every detail of my life with you.  Some topics are just off limits, so no need to cover your eyes and ears and run away singing, “la la la la la la.”

You’ll see me make mistakes and work to fix them.  That’s when I learn the most and discover how to keep going and keep growing.

Does sharing that openly mean I’ll lose some readers, be judged by others, and even miss out on some clients?  Yeah.  That’s okay.  They’re a better fit for someone else and someone else can serve them better than I can.

I’ll celebrate my successes and the successes of my clients and friends–probably quietly, but you and I will both know I’m dancing around happy inside.

I’m a (sometimes jaded) dreamer who believes in miracles and the amazingness of life, while accepting that it takes hard work and a lot of uncomfortable moments to build a business that you love.  It’s messy.

You need support and to be surrounded by people who understand and believe in you because some days you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world (and need people to celebrate success with you–and remind you to stay grounded) and other days it feels like you’re on a roller-coaster that’s flown off the tracks and you’re searching for a parachute (and need reminded to hang in there because you rock at what you do and you’ll find a way to make it work).

But it’s 100% worth it to create something that allows you to serve others and make money doing it.

How about you? 

What’s your promise to your readers, subscribers and clients?

What are you striving to create (or allowing to evolve, depending on your perspective) through the content you share with your readers?