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The Ultimate Blog Challenge is back beginning April 1st, 2011. You can join us FREE at but why consider it?

1.  It’s a blast. Michele Scism and I have hosted this challenge 3 times now and each time there’s been a fabulous group of bloggers who participate and build wonderful connections.  The group connects on the website directory, through the twitter hashtag #blogboost, and on the Facebook group.

2. It’s motivating. Something about blogging together and that little extra bit of accountability is really helpful in staying motivated to blog daily.  And at the end of the 30 days you’ll have a whole bunch of great content written up that you can repurpose into articles, audio, video, feature in your ezine, create an ebook or use in lots of other ways.

3.  We’ll send you goodies! In addition to a free copy of our ebook, 7 Ways to Get Your Blog in Motion (includes some of our best blogging tips and strategies), we’ll also send you a free daily blogging idea every day in April.  We send out *different* ideas every challenge so even if you’ve participated before, you’ll get new ideas.