Do Comment Clubs Work? What If They Aren’t?

BlogTrafficQ&AsHave you tried joining comment clubs, comment circles or comment exchange groups to boost the comments on your blog and build your traffic?

It can be a great way to make connections and get conversation going.  But sometimes… it doesn’t quite work the way it’s supposed to.

This is the question that Roy Ackerman of Adjuvancy asked (when I invited blog traffic questions here).  And here’s my answer:

What has your experience been with comment groups?  I’d love to hear what’s working for you (and feel free to share links to the groups you DO find helpful).  Or, if groups aren’t working for you, does this video help you figure out how to handle it?


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    Informative video. It’s nice you pointed out that maybe the group isn’t a good fit, but also that maybe we need to tweak our posts too to make them more comment worthy. It’s not always the other people, sometimes it is an internal issue that needs fixed!

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      I’ve seen that too, Roy. It can be challenging to find the groups that aren’t sliding but as you said – you can start your own or move to others as needed.

      And for what it’s worth, your blog is definitely engaging and thought-provoking enough to get people to leave comments. :)
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    I’ve been involved with a comment club for approximately 8 months and as @adjuvancy stated “folks start to slide.” The people in my group have good intentions but important events in their personal and business life take precedence. For me, that’s OK. There are a few people who will honor their commitment and catch up afterwards. My group is small about 11 people. Not everyone in a group is going to vibe with your work and it’s impossible to be in a group where everyone does. As with anything in life, on the average, from my experience, 20-30% of the people will stay committed and that’s a good thing.

    The tips you shared in the video are very important. A few months ago I started editing my posts that were written before I knew what the heck I was doing. Not just for comments but for overall improvement.

    The comment club has been a good experience. I created some long term friendships and learned a thing or two along the way.

    Your tips will help others to be strategic in forming or joining one.
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      That’s awesome, Adalia!

      In most groups there’s a core of committed bloggers that are the ones to really connect with.

      At some point I may do the same and go back and edit older posts–I know quite a few of mine could use serious work. But then it’s also fun to read through some and see the progress. So I kind of like that.

      I’ve created great friendships through blogging communities and comment circles as well. :)
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    First, Michelle, it was nice to see a video with you in it – I enjoyed seeing you in action! (this is going to tie to a blog post I plan to make in the next few days asking if I should post a picture of myself on my blog, and explain why, up to now, I haven’t.) I have not joined any comment groups up to now – I don’t feel I can fulfill the commitment. I enjoy the “comment on 2 links above” feature on the UBC Facebook page and have used it, because it is manageable. I don’t like to make promises I can’t keep. My blog is not to promote a business or a career – if it was, I would probably feel differently about this.

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      Yes, that’s a very different perspective to come from, Alana. :) I’d approach it differently if my blog weren’t part of my business and marketing strategy.

      That’s a smart way to work within comment groups and that desire to fulfill commitments is what makes some groups work so well– lots of people like you in them. ;)

      And glad you enjoyed the video. I know I’ve had several people mention I come across totally different when they see me on video or speaking than in my photos so I figured more video would be a good idea.

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    GREAT video! Great insight; being new to this I don’t know what typeof results I should be looking for. I am definitely trying to do my part and raching out to others and sharing comments as well as thanking those that check mine out. I’m just gunna keep my head down and keep DOING IT! It can only get better! Thanks for the suggestions! :)

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      Hey Suzi, they come in a lot of different formats but can be anything from a few friends/colleagues who get together and agree to comment on each others blogs (best to set a specific day of the week or # of times a week, and have clear expectations), to bigger groups like those within the Ultimate Blog Challenge. There are lots on Facebook if you search blog comment circle, blog comment club, blog comment exchange, etc. :)
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    Thanks, Michelle, for spearheading UBC and suggesting that, while it’s wonderful for many, it’s not perfect for everyone. No one “comment club” could ever be. As you point out, it’s a match-up between the group’s focus and our own blog’s focus.

    I imagine it’s like searching for the perfect match on an online dating site. Although I really don’t know about that.

    Your advice and enthusiasm for blogging are inspiring thousands of us to see the big picture, as we learn day-to-day details. Please keep it up.

    – Robbie
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