Don’t have an hour today to spend on an important project, marketing, social networking, blogging, or whatever is on your list to move your business forward?

Then spend 30 minutes.  Or 15 minutes.

Whatever time you’ve got, do what you can.

I was on Google+ earlier today, avoiding my daily workout because I knew I didn’t have the 45 minutes that’s my goal time.  I ran into a post from Heather Frey (follow her if you want motivation to get healthy) about how getting fit isn’t all or nothing.  It’s all the good choices added up, with as few bad choices as possible.  So I squeezed in 20 minutes.  And I feel better than if I’d skipped my workout completely.  That got me thinking about how this applies to business, too.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Because 15 minutes is better than nothing.  Little steps forward add up.

And when you can, take the big leaps and work through the big blocks of focused time.

My challenge to you today: pick a project or task and spend at least 15 minutes taking action to move it forward.

What can you get done today?

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