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First aid kit on white background. Isolated 3D imageYour blog should be working for you, 24/7, to attract traffic, build your credibility, and grow your list.  If it’s not, it can feel like wasted time (and who has time to waste?!).

If it’s feeling broken, like the pieces just aren’t quite working right, your first aid kit is here!

Tomorrow, Wednesday January 30th, I’ll be talking with Zenobia Garrison about what it really takes to make blogging work and how it can help build your business–and you’re invited!

I’ll let Zenobia share more details with you:

Is Marketing Online Helping or Hurting Your Business?

Well, it kinda depends…

Everyone is online – yes!  After all, it’s the place to be.   According to Nielsen Global On Line Survey more than 85% of the world’s population has used the internet to make a purchase – that’s about 875 million, up 40% in the last two years

And according to Google, the US is the 2nd largest internet user with 58% of Americans specifically searching on line to learn about products and services they are thinking about buying.

But there are some basic fundamentals you need to know about to grow your business via on line strategy:  Drive traffic, maintain an online presence consistently and without fail, attract ideal clients, generate targeted leads, convert interested ideal prospects into paying clients and buying customers, and build your list.

If you are missing any of these key essentials, it’s like riding a bike with half a wheel missing (imagine that!).  Clearly if that were the case you would get nowhere fast.

There’s a better way!  It’s time to stop being the best kept secret and get your business out of the station!

Coach Zenobia Garrison, the Business Success Coach for Women, Launch While You Work Strategist & CEO of for her new expert training series, Marketing for Profits, which is all about how to use the hottest online strategies to get your message out there in a big way, marketing more effectively and turn on your money faucet.

The first topic is blogging, and she’ll be interviewing Michelle Shaeffer Wed, Jan 30th.  Join us to discover how to get traffic to your blog without spending hours a day on promotion, what to keep in mind to turn readers into raving fans, how to create valuable content and the best kept secrets to monetizing  your blog.


Grab your seat here.


Your Turn!

What questions would you like Zenobia to ask me?  What are your biggest challenges around promotion your blog, creating valuable content and monetizing your blog as part of your business?