Goals TargetAre you determined to do what you set your mind to?

How quickly do you give up?

Yesterday I ran into this MAJOR problem as I was trying to film a video to share with you…

Click play, it’s super short 8 seconds (and will make you smile).

Okay, okay, so that was more of a minor irritation.  ;)  I just thought it’d be fun to share.

But how often do we give up when things like that get in our way?  A little “buzzing” and we want to throw in the towel…

Might be the buzzing of negative voices around us, the stories in our own minds, or outside factors not cooperating (mosquitoes, technology, whatever!).

Any goal worth achieving will take effort.  So ignore that buzzing and just keep pushing towards whatever goals you’ve set for yourself!

Talk with me — what goals are you working towards right now?