3 Places to Find Great Infographics to Share

Do you wonder where bloggers are finding all the cool infographics to share on their blogs?  Here are three places you can search!

Alltop Infographics – http://infographics.alltop.com/

This page on Alltop brings together all the latest posts from blogs that focus on infographics.  Today I’m seeing infographics on everything from buying used cars to backpacking, and video games to healthy eating.  It’s not just business or social media related.

Daily Infographics – http://dailyinfographic.com/

On the Daily Infographics blog, a new infographic is featured daily.  The easiest way to find something that fits your blog is to go to the “Categories” link and choose an appropriate category to browse.

Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/

Just search for infographic or infographics to find lots of great infographics on a variety of topics.  I like Mashable’s Infographics Board.

What are your favorite places to find infographics to share?

And just for fun, since no post about infographics could be complete without including an infographic, here’s a visual explanation of what a good infographic should do:




  1. says

    Another great place for inforgraphics related to Social Media is Social media Today. They have a sepeate section with new infographics updated regularly.

  2. Jasdeep Singh says

    Once again thank you for this great post.I learn very useful sources of infographics from you .I needed this type of useful information right now because i think this is very new trend of using infographics in posts

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