How Can You Market Your Business on Pinterest?

Are you wondering how you can promote your business on Pinterest without violating their terms or coming across spammy?

The same general rules apply as on any other social network or in life!

We don’t go out there and scream, “Come buy my stuff!” or “Hire me now!” to every single person we walk by on the street or connect with on Facebook.  So don’t do that on Pinterest, either.

Share things, like things, comment on things that aren’t your products or services.  Interact with the community.

Make what you share at least 80% about others.

With that in mind, here are some ways to share your business on Pinterest:

using pinterest to market products
Pinterest Infographic, an Infographic by Linchpin SEO


  1. Betty Perryman

    Twitter: happycoacheshc

    I am a visual learner an the infographics are very helpful. Thanks for the info and I will be doing a lot of liking and leaving comments as time permits and most assurdly I will be monitoring my repins for link verification LV and public domain post.

  2. Adalia John

    Twitter: adaliaj

    Love these suggestions. The platform changes but the same rule applies:more about others and less about me..

    Thank you!
    Adalia John recently posted… 10 Movies Featuring Successful WomenMy Profile

  3. Good information to have in case I ever decide to get hooked on Pinterest. So many friends are trying to get me to join, but I don’t know if it’s for me.
    Angie Schaffer recently posted… Carrie Chapman Catt and the League of Women VotersMy Profile

  4. Good suggestions, thank you. Think it comes down to just acting normal an use the site as intended – as a regular user and not just promoting whatever you have and do nothing else. It does look like a good resourse.
    Andrew Michell recently posted… Ethernet over Copper (EoC) – Ethernet over Serial / DS1 & Ethernet over DS3My Profile

  5. Zinedine says:

    It looks like the next big thing. I need to start looking at that site a bit more..
    Zinedine recently posted… Biggest Lotto Win In ItalyMy Profile

  6. I hesitated with pinterest but once I got on I can see advantages of sharing and am beginning to understand how to use to drive traffic to a site. But seems to take a lot of work to really integrate infographics into a post that would be pinnable. I’m sure it will become more natural with time. However, in the meantime there sure are some great finds and fun stuff to repin.

  7. Thanks for sharing another great infographic. We need clear explanations of each new thing that appears on the cyber landscape not only to understand it but to see how we fit in.
    Flora M Brown, Ph.D. recently posted… 22 Ways to Push Past Writer’s Block to Writer’s BrillianceMy Profile

  8. Yep it’s right that social site are marketing business in a good way. Thanks for all suggestions because I don’t much about working of Pinterest. It’s quite helpful.
    Ayesha recently posted… Five best SEO keywords selector toolsMy Profile

  9. Aundrea

    Twitter: khoncepts

    Thank you for the article and for adding the Pinterest share button! I find lots of articles on Pinterest and then spend alot of time contacting the writers to ask if I can “pin it”. :-)

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