How to Get Super Inspired to Write

Does figuring out what to write about hold you back from writing?  Given a topic to start with, it’s much easier!

Most of us were trained to write about what we were told to write about.  Think back to your school years.  Did your teachers often free you to write about anything you chose?  Or did they assign you a book, person, place, idea, or other specific topic to write about?  And then there was the pressure of being graded and judged against others writing on the same exact topic…

Writing articles or blog posts gives us freedom to write about what we want without the fear of a “grade” but puts us in a more challenging position—we have to choose our topic and take responsibility for our own words.

Where we can find those topics and ideas that put us in the place where our fingers just dance freely across the keyboard and the words pour out?

What is inspiration?  Here are two of the many definitions of inspiration:

  1. Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.
  2. An agency, such as a person or work of art, that moves the intellect or emotions or prompts action or intervention.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition, © 2000

Inspiration comes from emotion.  To be inspired we have to feel something first—love, hate, anger, regret, pity, elation, happiness, compassion…

Think Back…

When’s the last time you were moved to one of those emotions?  What’s the last event that moved you to tears?  Think about when you were moved to act with compassion and intervene on behalf of someone else.

Brainstorm on Paper…

Start with a blank piece of paper.  Write an emotional word in the middle of your paper.  Now let yourself free write around that word whatever comes to mind.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes…

Imagine you are your reader.

When’s the last time your reader got frustrated or discouraged?  What can you write to help them through that?

When was the last time your reader felt truly inspired or successful?  How can you help them reach that place again, or celebrate it?

Be Okay With Emotion…

So many of us grow up hearing “be tough” or “big girls don’t cry.”  There’s always room for emotion.  Emotion is what inspires us, what motivates us to act, and what guides us.  Yes, we should balance it with reason.  But if we don’t let our emotions free, we’ll be living an uninspired life.

And what’s there for writers to write about without inspiration?

So get emotional, get passionate, be real, and write about that.  That’s where inspiration is hiding.

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    I could not help but laugh at the “teacher” always told us what to write. Sad but true. I like your suggestion about “putting yourself in the readers shoes”. I actually had to do that recently on a project. Although it was easier, it still was somewhat challenging.

    I love my mind mapping program. Once I have typed many things into it, I challenge myself further by printing it out and expanding more on it. Then I go back and add what I have written. It maybe work, but, it allows that visual thing happen for me which make it easier. I have even used my white dry erase board. It seems that at times, one works better than the other.

    I love the “get emotional”
    Ria recently posted… Candles For A Cause – 9/11 Candle Memorial – Interview with Lori OdishooMy Profile

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    Nice take on inspiration, Michelle. Several years ago, I made a conscious decision to live an “inspired” life. What that has meant to me is not listening to others and listening to that “still, small voice” within. My book titles, blog ideas, you name it, they all come from somewhere else. I know it sounds strange but I have learned how to recognize the inspired ideas and immediately act on them. So far, so good :)
    Martha Giffen recently posted… Twitter Still Rocks Your Online Business WorldMy Profile

  3. Vernon says

    Yes it is true Michael. I would totally agree with comment of yours. In my part, it is also very hard to write. There are times that I experience being a good writer but for just a moment in time. Trying to think what are the good source or ideas how to write.
    Vernon recently posted… DragonicaMy Profile

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    Hi Michelle,

    Excellent take on inspiration here.

    We live in a Universe of feelings. Feeling drive our acts. We can choose the feelings, to help us move into specific acts, but we must be comfortable with allowing our feelings to surface. Most people resist this act, because it feels darn uncomfortable at first. After embracing and releasing your emotions though, it’s not too hard.

    I repeat this idea to myself to keep feeling inspired: “When inspired, stay that way.” If I’m not inspired, I’l blocking inspiration. So I watch my feelings, remove any negative blocks by letting the energies arise, and move forward with inspired acts.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted… How to Turn Your Home Based Opportunity Blog into a Money MakerMy Profile

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    Hi Michelle,

    In my opinion, You can write with your true emotions in your personal blog only where you don’t want to make money, don’t want to create more loyal readers, you just write whatever you want.

    But in professional blog, you always care what your niche is, what your readers going to like, what’s new in you niche and so on. In professional blog there is no room for emotions, you deal like a professional.
    Aanchal recently posted… Website Design in IndiaMy Profile

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    Hey Michelle,

    Nice topic which I think we hardly read.. :( . We’re an human being and we must behave like a human. We’ve emotions, feelings and so on…… we should not shy to express them. If one is not showing any emotion then he/she is a robot and should try for a role in next part of “Terminator”.
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    Nice work Michelle!

    Love that you talk about taking a blank piece of paper. It’s so much more inspiring than a blank screen…

    I find my inspiration comes in waves – sometimes I have ideas spilling out of my ears my head’s so full, other times they all seem empty and it’s a struggle to commit to any of them.

    Helpful advice to get emotionally connected. Next keyword research tool to make me cry is going to get a 1000 word review for sure ;)

    Thanks – excellent tips as ever!
    Jym recently posted… Blog Productivity – Fractals, Focus, and the Myth of MultiTaskingMy Profile

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    I like all of these ideas, especially the idea “put yourself in their shoes.” When we’re working alone in our home office, it can be difficult to feel connected to anyone else. By imagining what someone else is feeling, it’s easier to connect with others. Something I’ve been doing for the past year is keeping ideas in my iPhone. When I see something or experience something, I enter a few key words or even write a rough draft that if I had waited to write later on, wouldn’t have been as powerful.
    Lisa Kanarek recently posted… If You Don’t Believe in Yourself, Who Will?My Profile

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    My problem is making myself stop. I could write all day and night. For that reason peopl we ask me to teach how I write.
    You know what I recommend?
    Stop resisting. You block yourself. Put pen to paper and move yoru hand. You can type too – hit keys WITHOUT thinking. Whatever flows out may begin as gibberish, Maybe you’ll become Marcel Proust and write stream of consciousness. My point is your words will start to make sense as a concept comes to life. And you never worked at it–you allowed it!
    You can also do the left brain method and do a keyword/forum search and write to resolve the exact issues people ask about.
    Ali Bierman recently posted… How To Get HealthyMy Profile

  10. cameronhenrich@spamblocking360 says

    Hello Michelle, I agree with your point of views. writing is never been easy more especially when you experienced mental block. That no matter how hard yo try, yet you can’y make anything progressive. Writing needs to be inspired and be on mood. To make your self inspired with what you do, be focus with the task and you need to enjoy what you are dong. Thank you for sharing your views…
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