How to Get Your Momentum Back When It Disappears

Cartoon rocket space shipHave you ever lost momentum?  Gone from a rocket ship to… well… a rock?

Maybe you were doing great with blogging consistently, then a few days or a few weeks slipped by…

Maybe you had a fantastic plan to stay in touch with your subscribers, but something happened and you got off track, and now it’s been a couple of months…

Or you were really rockin’ with your business, rolling out products and promotions and marketing consistently, until you weren’t anymore…

Could be a personal goal like daily exercise or healthy eating… you were doing great and then the siren’s song of chocolate and a movie got you…


It’s easy to beat ourselves up when it happens.  And it’s so much easier to keep doing the things we know we should do when we’ve got that momentum on our side.  But HOW do you get the ball rolling again when it’s come to a complete standstill?

You’ve just got to push.

As simple and as challenging as that.

Yeah, it’ll take more energy to GET IT MOVING AGAIN than it would have if you’d just KEPT it going… but push anyway.

If it feels like you’re pushing uphill, then take a deep breath and push uphill.

Pull yourself out of that thought cycle that keeps you stuckI messed up!  What if no one wants to hear from me because it’s been a while?  I should just fade quietly away!

Life is messy.  For all of us.  It’s never going to be “smooth sailing” unless we choose to create that with our reactions and there will always be times we feel like we’ve lost our groove, our mojo is hiding or our “get up and go” got up and went.

So what?

Really, so what?

You’ve still got a mission.  You’ve still got a purpose.

Just do what you’re here do.

If it takes a bigger push to get it going again, then put your heart back into it and push.

Need more specific steps?  Here ya go:

1.  Remember why it matters. 

I haven’t blogged in a while (Hey, bet you hadn’t noticed!  Note: your readers will forgive you, too, if you’ve fallen off the blogging train).

I know myself, and the longer I go without writing the harder it is to get started again.  I let life get in the way.  Notice that — life didn’t get in the way, I let it, it’s on me…  Always take responsibility for your own actions, even if you feel like you’ve got good excuses (and boy do I…).  You can’t fix things if you don’t accept responsibility.

But taking a minute to refocus on why I blog, why I WANT to blog, and why it matters… that starts to bring back the “yeah, I WANT to do this!” energy.

2.  Reconnect to the results.

What happens next if you get back into the flow?  What results have your actions produced in the past?  What even bigger results can you create next?

3.  Block out the time, get rid of distractions and set a timer.

Put it on your calendar.  Make a date with yourself and your necessary task.  When the time pops up, don’t let yourself reschedule it.  Get your timer set for the amount of time you’ve got blocked out.  Close Facebook, Twitter, and email, and until the timer goes off stay FOCUSED on getting it done.

* Twitching as I really want to check Facebook right now but then I’d have an unfinished post… *

4.  Create a plan to stay in motion.

You’ll still have to work your plan, but it’s always easier when you’ve got one.  So create a plan.

I’m recycling my “plan” for April’s posts that didn’t happen.  It’s become my May plan.  That’s okay.  Adapt.  Roll with it.

Forgive yourself when you screw up but always, always aim to do better today than you did yesterday.  Create the plans you need to support yourself and make it happen.

5.  Make yourself accountable.

I’ve reached out to a few friends to help me stay on track this month.  I’ll do the same for them.

Accountability makes a huge difference in whether you stay on track and achieve your goals.  So find what type of accountability you need and then get it in place.

I’m working like crazy this weekend to get my shopping cart upgraded and affiliate program together because I set it as a goal last week in my mastermind group.  On Monday, our group leader Judy will ask me if I got it done.  I am not about to show up and say, “um… well… no… (mumble, mumble excuses)”

And one bonus step…

Take care of yourself.  Be “selfish.”  Sometimes we lose our momentum because we’ve been so focused on everyone and everything else that we forget to care for ourselves.  Get enough sleep.  Eat healthy foods.  Do something you love, just because you deserve a time out of your own.

If you’ve lost your momentum, I give you permission to forgive yourself and move forward.  Step back onto your rocket ship.  I promise it’s still there waiting for you.  And so are those you’re here to serve.

Your Turn!  What do you do when you’ve lost momentum?  How do you get your groove back?


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    Thanks for posting this today, Michelle <3 It is definitely needed! I've been contemplating a LOT of things these past few weeks and now "it is time for action! … Not words!" — Perseus (Harry Hamlin) ~ Clash of the Titans 1980. This weekend is all about creating my own editorial calendar, a working project board, and getting that momentum back!

    I took some "me" time the other night and had a movie date with my 17 year old son – We went to see Iron Man 3. Yesterday, I just vegged and hung out with my little guy William. And this morning I finally picked some of the lilacs that bloomed on my trees this year (first time since I planted them 3 years ago WOOT!) They are sitting on my desk right above my head. MMMM I LOVE lilacs! I have decided that a Star Wars and Marvel marthon is in need for today as I gather up my "supplies" to ready myself for "getting to brass tacks!" (I cannot even type that without hearing Madeline Khan from Blazing Saddles say it LOLz)

    Thanks again for sharing this post today! It just validated my plans to get moving again! <3
    Kimberly ~ Gypsy recently posted… Gypsy Recommends the Hot Rockin&#8217; Rebel Chick Mystic Lisa Marie Selow!My Profile

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    I keep loosing mine, get it back for like 2 days then loose it again. it is a bad cycle, I keep blogging and sharing the link everywhere. When I see no responses, I loose interest in it as I feel I am wasting time. I know it takes time, but it is hard to stay in the flow with no response.

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      That’s a smart insight–if you are aware of what causes you to lose that motivation then you know what to focus on to fix it!

      Sounds like maybe switching focus to really generating comments for a bit on the posts you’ve got might be a good strategy, Marilyn. :)

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      Very true. Those times when we feel like we aren’t getting anything productive done might just be the best time to step back and relax a bit. :) Always love your perspectives, Adalia.

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    That was me 3 months ago. I took time off because life happened and I had to deal with it and put other things on hold. I knew I needed to keep up with the pace of my blog, but it wasn’t a priority at that time. Now that I am back I can look back and say, that it was a much needed break.

    After sometime I got frustrated with all the same stuff blogged about and what my direction was going to be. Do I keep at the same stuff or do I focus on something that will help someone else? I think all bloggers go through this, but most don’t share what really gives them the drive to keep moving forward. Great tips Michelle!
    Sonia recently posted… Is There a Secret Formula to Blog Commenting?My Profile

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      Yeah, it’s another one of those “welcome to humanity” moments for sure. :) Finding your focus makes such a difference though in being able to push through and keep going.

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    Very timely post for me. I’m sitting in my favorite Kaladis coffee shop now trying to get focused. I think the accountability of a master mind group would work for me, but how do I find one? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

    Happy Mothers Day
    Andrew recently posted… Work Life BalanceMy Profile

    • says

      Sounds (smells?) like a lovely place to work, Andrew. :)

      Great question — I might have to do a series on masterminds because there’s a lot of options and styles out there.

      Three ways to find one though:

      1. Join a pay to participate one that already exists – this works well when you find a group that you really resonate with and the facilitator and group goals and values are in line with yours. I’m a member of several that are paid in different formats (some are Facebook groups or forum-based, others meet weekly or every other week via phone and/or in person at set intervals).

      2. Join a free group that already exists – a great way to find these is just to start asking friends and colleagues if they’re part of a mastermind or know of any and then if they’re open to new members. Goals and values still matter, of course.

      3. Start your own! You can get together with a group of your colleagues and create a mastermind. Set ground rules (how often you’ll meet, how long and what the format is, what’s expected of each member and privacy rules, etc). You might also find this helpful:

      If you haven’t read it yet, check out Think and Grow Rich as masterminds are discussed in there.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Get Your Momentum Back When It DisappearsMy Profile

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    Hi Michelle,

    This article comes right on time for me. Just this past April, I was admitted to the hospital, totally unexpected and ended up hospitalized for 4 days! I did an article on it when I finally got out and it took me about a week to push through it. I had not motivation to continue blogging, but I just had to get through it. You’re so right. Life does get messy and I wish it could have been as simple falling away from a diet. My article talks about pushing through when ‘life just gets in the way.’ Things happen and you provide good tips and advice on how to get through it. I needed this article about 3 weeks ago LOL! But it still provides get info for others who might have similar problems. We all need this info because it is bound to happen to us all at one point in time in our life.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Barbara C harles recently posted… Does Blogging Work To Brand Yourself?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Barbara, glad you’re okay and back to business/blogging. Sorry the article was late! I could have used it three weeks ago, too, but it took me this long to figure out the solution. ;)

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    I seem to last two weeks….at anything….be it a new way of keeping on top of my cleaning, a new exercise regime, a new way of eating….guess I’m just hopeless cause I can’t seem to stick at anything….I am hoping that the writing on my blog lasts this time, now that I have restarted writing I realise I miss it (even though it’s nothing flash and it’s just personal writing I think it was an important part of my life)
    Katrina recently posted… Missing my passionMy Profile

    • says

      Change is never hopeless, unless we give up! :) For me, I’ve found I just need to get the right support and accountability in place. That’s where I’d suggest starting if you’re having trouble sticking with changes you want to make, Katrina. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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    Thanks Michelle!

    It may sound kinda dorky but this post actually brought tears to my eyes. And a kick in the butt! Focus, plan, schedule and DO IT! Sounds like a great (Mother’s Day) mantra ;-)

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    Thank you for sharing that! I really needed to read something about it! It seems so obvious and I ‘know’ it, but I hit this ‘rock bottom’ from time to time and it’s really good to be reminded about all those points by someone else.
    Oh, and to answer the question – I usually get my momentum back by simply slowing down and reconnecting with the creative side of my nature by doing whatever feels right at that point in time. I listen to myself and see what my ‘inner guide’ points me towards.
    Renata recently posted… Do you have enough time for fun?My Profile

    • says

      So often it really is about already knowing it, but just needing a little reminder to get us back into action.

      Reconnecting with creativity and intuition is such a great strategy, thank you for sharing it, Renata.

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    I recently started a new job to supplement my Divorce Guidance biz so I’ve been extra tired learning new things.
    I am very dedicated to my coaching blog and was frustrated until I remembered this tip from you and my Biz coach, Michele Scism- it’s perfectly OK to re-purpose some of your own previous work into something new.
    Thanks to my participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge back in January, I easily tweaked a blog post from back then into a new post to share.
    Nancy Kay recently posted… Deciding to Divorce: Emotional Tug-of-WarMy Profile

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    Love This Blog! Right on time.

    “You’ve still got a purpose. Just do what you’re here do. If it takes a bigger push to get it going again, then put your heart back into it and push.”

    Will Share!!

    Thank You!


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    I set up a few sites and got busy blogging, somewhere along the way it has all wound down a bit. It actually helps to realise you are not alone and that many people struggle with momentum. I really like the idea of having someone hold me accountable, I have a friend who has stalled a bit setting up a sideline business and it got me thinking that we could perform that role for each other.

    I am also going to put my written goals on the wall by my PC to remind my of why I am doing all of this.

    Thanks for the thoughts.
    Sally Jones recently posted… Revitol Scar Cream IngredientsMy Profile

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    Perfect timing to read this post today! I recently partnered with a friend to create a social media/content marketing company and have been perpetually reworking my blog…and months later, inertia is still having its way with me! Great way to get jump started again – thanks!
    Pauline recently posted… A Mom Blogger Meets A Manly Blogger!My Profile

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    You’ve still got a mission. You’ve still got a purpose. Just do what you’re here do.

    Sage advice oh Wise One.

    There are times when we NEED to just shut down for a bit to re-group, re-energize, and re-focus. It’s IS about being “selfish” so that we can be our best to serve ourselves, our family and our ideal client. It works when we allow ourselves to breathe, listen to our heart and move forward with inspired action and allowing and attracting the great things that will come our way. Sometimes when we push too hard we aren’t stopping long enough to notice what will make it easier.

    Super article and yes, quite timely.

    Hugs Michelle!

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      I used to think stopping to breathe meant I was failing. How could I possibly take “down time” to relax when I had so many things to get done?! Then I landed myself in the ER and realized something HAD to change. Like immediately. It’s still tough but I can remind myself now of what happens when I refuse to allow myself that time to shut down and recover so I can be of service again.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Terry!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 5 Critical Steps You Must Take to Secure Your Website TodayMy Profile

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    I was going through a rough patch myself and I was not holding myself accountable for the mistakes that I was making. It took me like 6 months to realize what was missing and finally when it did hit me I was able to bring myself back on the track. It is quite complicated when one has to deal with themselves.
    Keral Patel recently posted… 5 Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know About GmailMy Profile

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