How to Make 82% of Clients Happier (and Get 77% More Leads) #infographic

Blog! Blog! Blog!

I admit, I’m a bit of a broken record (we can still use that phrase even though everyone listens to music on their iToys now, right?) when it comes to encouraging entrepreneurs and small business owners to blog.

Here’s why…

Why Every Business Should Blog
Infographic courtesy of: Quick Sprout


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    Hi Michelle,
    This is an important share for marketers. The data or stats from the infographic readily reveals the importance of blogging and why brands should adopt it.

    While the data are positive it is important to remind brands that the best of blogs to make clients happier and increase leads are those with contents that solve problems for the readers!

    This comment, I have left in the social bookmarking website for Internet marketerss – where this post was found and “kingged”.
    Sunday – contributor

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    Hi Michelle,

    Great infographic. They work really well with keeping the reader engaged with the subject matter.

    And most importantly reminds us why it’s so important to blog! blog! blog!

    Thanks for great read

    Naomi .

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    Brilliant, love this infographic. I post on Monday’s – now I know that I’m getting that part right!

    And I do get bits of feedback from clients about why they are choosing me over other therapists in my area and it is broadly to do with the picture they build up from scanning my blog. I’m convinced it works for me.

    Thank you,

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    This is great. I went to a blogging seminar just before starting a job running a tourism blog. This was about a year ago, but the ladies running the seminar highlighted the same points you just did. I think posting in the morning is especially helpful. I mean, it’s about 10am right now and I’m reading blogs!

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    Infographics are at it… Thanks with these Michelle.. And honestly, I just know that people love reading at the morning, thought on the evening before they sleep!

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    I didn’t know that blogging was so important for businesses! Though I certainly know you can get a lot more from a blog than a commercial, I still learned a lot here. Thank you!!

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    Infographics are well worth doing. I have now done 4 and garnered lots of backlinks from free to post infographics sites. I have noticed, however, a tendency to charge to display infographics but I am reluctant to do that. Frankly there are at least 50 free to post sites and google seems to like them

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