How to Write Blog Posts That Go Viral

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Have you wondered what that “magic” is that makes a blog post go viral?

Is it the title? The content? The topic? Getting the right person to tweet it? Sharing it in the right group on Facebook? A little bit of all of the above with fairy dust and sprinkles?

In the video below, you’ll discover what the fairy dust and sprinkles are. Or, in Frank’s words, the sticky honeycomb that gets you BUZZ!

Ready to learn more of these strategies? Check out The Buzz Seminar happening soon!

What blog posts have you seen go viral?  Did they incorporate Frank’s strategies?  How can you use these ideas in YOUR next blog post?


  1. says

    Hi Michelle,

    In my own word, i don’t think one need a special software or platform to write a article that will go viral.

    The first thing a writer need to work on is, CATCHY HEADLINE, and next CONTENT.

    The way you compose your articles be it long or short will determine how viral your article post will go.

    They are rules in writing and it is very important to abide it, if you really want to write a quality content that will go viral.

    Your first paragraph must be appealing to the readers and your bullet point should worth talking about. The conclusion part should have some CALL TO ACTION strategy context.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video and have a nice day.

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