Where are you headed?  Are you moving forward?

Sometimes all it takes is a little comment from someone whose opinion you value to wake you up and motivate change.  Has that happened to you?

About six months ago I had three of those interesting conversations with colleagues within a couple of days, and the big realization that came out of it for me was just how much I was operating in fear instead of faith, that I wasn’t allowing myself to be powerful, and that I was the thing holding myself back…  and they showed me the huge possibilities waiting for me on the other side of that fear…

To many people around me it looked like I was making big steps forward and making things happen.

But they knew I wasn’t yet.  (Surround yourself with people who see through what others don’t and who really see YOU.)

I was still holding myself back by running away from the things that scared me.  I was avoiding opportunities and chances because they involved risk.

So I created a new goal for myself.  Every single day I do one thing that scares me or makes me really uncomfortable.  One moment of bravery.  I’m leaning into that feeling.

Sometimes it’s a personal risk.  Sometimes it’s a business risk.

Big or little.  Doesn’t matter.  One thing every day.

It’ll never be perfect.  I may never feel ready.  So I’ll do it now.

Sometimes I start… stop… and have to try again, or find a different risk to take for the day…

I’m doing a lot of “take a deep breath and trust it’ll be okay” lately…

Reaching out to someone I’m intimidated by but want to connect with. 

Talking to strangers for no reason but to see if I can get them to smile.

Jumping into a conversation I’m nervous about contributing to. 

Going down a water slide with my kids (anyone else out there afraid of water, small spaces and heights?). 

Sharing from an open place of total honesty. 

Engaging with someone smarter than I am and being okay with sounding foolish because the reward of learning and growing is worth it. 

Booking a ticket to go on a trip alone.   Committing to staying present and engaged.

Stepping into the spotlight and saying yes to opportunities. 

Answering questions I might not have the answers to. 

Investing money in something I feel is right but aren’t sure yet how it’ll pay off. 

Admitting I’m scared (of something you probably aren’t).  Admitting I’m excited (when you might think I’m bit crazy for it). 

Reading something that I know will challenge my beliefs.

Blogging about moving through my fears.  (Today this post is my brave action.)

Showing up as more of myself. 

Why?  Because my fears are keeping me right here where I’m at.  That’s okay for this moment.  But it’s not okay to stay here.  Pushing through them is how I become who I’m meant to be in this world.

I dare you to do the same.  Break though a moment of fear every day.  It will force you to face your personal ghosts, to acknowledge where you’re close minded or have prejudices, and radically change your business and life.

Your thoughts?