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One of my favorite things about co-hosting the Ultimate Blog Challenge is all the awesome bloggers I get to know.

Today I want to introduce you to Delfin Paris of  Delfin jumped into the January 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge, posted all 31 days, and then just kept going to complete 2012 with a post for every single day!

Wow, right?!

Wouldn’t you love to know how he’s come up with constant content ideas for his blog?

Perfect, because Michele Scism and I are hosting Delfin on a totally free webinar tomorrow.  This isn’t your ordinary webinar, it’ll include exercises and brainstorming during the presentation.  It’s a writing workshop that you’ll walk away from with great content ideas you can put to use right away on your blog.

Click here to get your spot (and yes, we’ll send out a free replay after the live webinar, so sign up whether the time works for you or not):



Let me know if you’ll be listening in!

And how about sharing your favorite way to get past writer’s block and come up with great content ideas?