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    Hi Michelle,

    My favorite is ‘develop your own voice’. The most popular blogs are always very individual. I’m still learning how to fine tune and perfect my unique voice to provide to most value.

    Thanks for the great tips. This is a definite print off.


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    Develop your own voice, have an opinion and be a storyteller <- I love them!

    Maybe you should add for some new bloggers "don't expect a big audience with a brand new blog and only a few posts".

    Consistency is needed as well as a big portion of patience and perseverance.

    Thanks for this post, it's really helpful!

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    Nice info graphic i am already using some of the tips that are available in the info graphic but will try to implement the remaining ideas as well thanks for sharing it with us…

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    Hi Michelle, awesome infographic. From the 3 key elements mentioned in the infographic its true that #1 point that is Quality Content can make engagement to your blog. And it is said that “Content is king and the Marketing is the Queen”. :)

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    I din’t see this on neil’s blog.
    But thanks for sharing this.. really nice infographics.
    People love this kind will details.
    will visit your blog again.

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    The best sales people are the best story tellers. This one rang true to me the most. I like when bloggers share their successes and failures.

    Showing that vulnerability makes the writer relatable.

    One thing I do that is different I that I give my cell phone # out in the footer of my site. I still believe in old fashioned human contact!

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    Dear Michelle,
    I really think this Infographic provides great information for bloggers. I like that they suggested that bloggers include a g+ button on their blogs. I am sporadic about getting to read your blog posts, but feel they are really beneficial for bloggers. I so wish you had a g+ button on all your posts to make it easier to share your outstanding with others. Thanks! Debbie Seiling

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    I always like the infographic created by “QuickSprout’ as they are well researched and neatly done.

    I still believe content is king, if your content is not appropriate there is no way people are going to come back and read again. Its very important to write interesting content that stands out from the crowd.

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