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Has becoming an entrepreneur helped you support your family?  Imagine what it could do to fight poverty and empower people around the world if more people are given that opportunity.

Thanks to KIVA, we don’t have to just imagine, we can help make it happen.  With very small contributions we can make a big difference for entrepreneurs around the world.

What is KIVA?

KIVA is an organization that allows people to loan $25 to the cause of their choice and together the donations add up to micro-loans to create opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world who need a helping hand.

How You Can Get Involved

Search the KIVA website for a loan you want to fund.  I sent my first loan yesterday and chose a widowed mother of two in Bolivia to help her invest in her bakery business to continue supporting her family.  You can choose who and where you want your funds to support.  When the funds are repaid you can invest again.

Or, donate a KIVA gift card — it’s a perfect last minute gift.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the process.  Payments go through PayPal.

If this sounds like an organization you’d like to support, you can find more details here:

Thank you to Denise Wakeman for introducing me to KIVA.

Note: This is post 1 in a series of 3, spotlighting organizations I’m choosing to get involved with.