Make Your Own *Tweet It!* Page

After I shared two posts last week with “tweet it” tips and quotes, readers requested I share how to set that up, so I am. Because I love when you all tell me exactly what to share to help you. It makes blogging so much easier.

So, let’s look at the what, why and how of setting up a “tweet it” page or post.

What Is It?

It’s a page full of short little snippets that can be easily tweeted, setup with a “tweet it!” link for each one, like this:

The link takes the clicker over to twitter where the box is already filled in with the tweet, like this:

Why Do It?

Share Your Knowledge and Create a Cool Resource. 

It’s an easy way to share your tips with your readers and invite them to share the tips with more people.  Sharing your knowledge is a great way to brand yourself as credible about your subject area.

Make Bookmark Bait. 

This is the type of resource you can create as bait to get your readers to bookmark your site and return because it’s useful.

Get Twitter Followers. 

If you add your Twitter ID to them (like I did with @MichelleShaeffr) you can also get more mentions on Twitter, and more followers.

How Can You Make Your Own?

First, write up your tips as you want to share them and make sure they’re all under 140 characters.  If you can keep them shorter, like 120 or less, even better because then they can be retweeted easily.  If you include any links, use a link shortener.

Next, you’ll need to code the “tweet it” links.

When you create these, you’ll need to make sure you’re editing in HTML mode (not the Visual editor that WordPress and other content management systems offer). So flip over to HTML code mode before you build your links.

Here’s an example of the HTML code to use:

<p>Make your blog more awesome. Do it now. #blogtip RT @MichelleShaeffr (<a href=” your blog more awesome. Do it now. %23blogtip RT @MichelleShaeffer“>Tweet It!</a>)</p>

That’s the whole thing, the “tweet it” link is actually just this part:

<a href=” your blog more awesome. Do it now. %23blogtip RT @MichelleShaeffer“>Tweet It!</a>

So to build your own, start with this:

<a href=””>Tweet It!</a>

And replace the XXXXX with your tweet text.  If you want to include a # (hashtag) then you need to use %23 instead of # to make it work.

For example:

<a href=” is my tweet it link.”>Tweet It!</a>

Would create this:

Tweet It!

And when you click it you’d get this:

You can also replace the link text with a cute little “tweet it!” image or bird if you want to.  Just upload your image and use it as the link.  You can find all sorts of cute Twitter birds here: For this tutorial I kept it simple with text.

Be sure to test your tweet it links!

Some Examples

Ezine Articles posts lots of tweetable tips, here’s one of their posts:

41 Tweetable Tips for Bloggers:

50 Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs to Tweet:

And there you go!

Now you can go make your “tweet it” page and come back here and share it in a comment.


  1. says

    Hi Michelle, this is great information to help create buzz around the social networks about ones info. I love the fact that you always have something new that I can learn from and as I was reading your other blog posts, I thought wow, these look really interesting. You really inspire me. Thank you.
    Edgar Danmer recently posted… The Dangers of ProcrastinationMy Profile

  2. says


    Thanks so much for sharing this! This is something I’ve been perplexed how to do and wanted to then I saw your link via Facebook. You rock!


  3. says

    Hi Michelle,

    I had to Evernote this post. I love seeing plugin-free ways to connect with the web.
    Have you had any trouble with tweet blizzards, where most of the 41 links are hit relatively quickly? (I made that term up, I think)


    Mitchell Allen recently posted… Is Your Boss a Bozo?My Profile

  4. Jenni says

    Hi I love this Idea I am trying to build one for my blog, but when I test it by clicking on the link in my blog it tries to open on the blog and i get error 404 page not found! any ideas


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