One Simple Way to Get More Readers Sharing Your Blog Posts

Stop wishing that more people would share your posts on social media and take action to help make it happen!

Here’s a quick tip you can implement in just a couple of minutes time that will help you get more of your readers to share your blog posts on social media websites and send more traffic your way…

Your Turn!

What are your favorite plugins or services for adding sharing buttons to your website?

Do you find yourself more likely to share when you see those little buttons visually reminding you to share, and making it easy?


  1. says

    It’s all about making it easy for your visitors to do “stuff.” From sharing to commenting and anything else you want them to do. I had the side bar and I disabled it because it wasn’t visible. I even hired a developer to edit the code to make it visible and he couldn’t do anything with it. I observed that your sidebar doesn’t follow the visitor (thank you very much) and it moves towards the right when you put the mouse on it. Your sidebar makes it easy for your visitors to share without being annoying. Did you edit the code?
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  2. says

    My good friend Laura Hill just recommended your site on FB – probably used one of your handy sharing buttons to do so ;)

    I haven’t found my readers sharing much because, I believe, they aren’t using a lot of these tools (twitter, stumble, etc.) in general. For example I also use CommentLuv premium and almost none of my commenters are bloggers. But I’m totally going to steal your “pin this” button idea because lots of my Mom readers are avid Pinterest users and I had never considered explicitly telling them to pin stuff. Thanks for the tip!
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  3. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne says

    Thank you for all the helpful hints, Michelle. I can’ t use all of them yet because I don’t have a website, but I”m featured on many author websites, since I’ve written 4 children;s books.

  4. says

    Hi Michelle, Great video! I agree, sharing is caring and the easier you can make sharing, the better for you and for your readers.

    I have just started using Share Juice as my sharing plugin and really like the functionality of it. You can do both a sharing sidebar and buttons on the bottom and top from one plugin.

    Off to share this post!
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  5. says

    Keeping things simple is the key to getting things done. If we over complicate or make things too difficult we can confuse readers so much that they do nothing. I added “Add this” to my blog- what I love about it is that it shows the number of shares and it emails analytics weekly.

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