The Business Blogger’s Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins


Discover nearly 100 of the best WordPress plugins to help you do everything from run a membership site or sell ebooks, to create cool image galleries and get your posts shared across social media, and more… so bookmark this post, share it with your friends, then dive right in!

Is your blog “plugged in”? One of the coolest things about WordPress is the flexibility we’ve got to add new features and tools with plugins.

Readers, clients and friends frequently ask me which plugins I recommend for which tasks or goals. So here’s my “ultimate guide” to great WordPress plugins, organized by function/goal.  This is based on plugins I’ve either used personally, on a client’s site, or come highly recommended from colleagues.

Important: Always BACKUP your blog before installing new plugins. Do NOT try to install ALL of these plugins on your blog!  I’m not recommending that.  I only run about 30 of the plugins listed here, based on my own needs and goals.  Pick yours the same way, okay?

I’d love to know what your favorite plugins are and what might be missing from my list. Leave me a comment, okay? And if you find this helpful please share it.

Editorial Calendar

If you’ve ever wished there were an easier way to view what posts you’ve got scheduled for when and an easier way to move around your upcoming posts, you want the Editorial Calendar plugin!

And here’s how it works:

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TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced will let you add more options to your editor so you can pick your font family, font size, etc. and have more control over what your posts look like.

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After the Deadline

Spend less time editing with this spell, grammar, and style checking plugin. (Also built in to the Jetpack Plugin.)

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Google offers hundreds of fonts from crazy fun to elegant cursive and everything in between.  With this plugin you can easily spice up your design with Google fonts without digging into code and stylesheets.

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Simple Author Highlighter

Make it easy to see where you’ve commented with this plugin that allows you to style the author’s comments on each post (for example, with a colored background).  Tip: You can also do this by editing your code (stylesheet & theme).

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WP Testimonials

An easier way to manage the testimonials on your website (and even add them to a widget in your sidebar). See this one in action here: Barham Virtual Assistance.

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WP Greet Box

This could fit under Ninja tricks, social networking… or design tricks. If you’ve seen blogs that have a friendly “greeting” box at the top of the post welcoming you from Facebook, Twitter or where ever you came from and inviting you to follow the blogger or share the post on that same network, it’s not magic–it’s probably this plugin. (Or What Would Seth Godin Do.)

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WordPress FAQ Manager

Simple way to manage your frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

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Gravatar Widget

Want one of those cool “About the Author” type boxes in your sidebar? You can do it with this plugin.
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Want your posts shared more on Twitter? Try this cute little green button!  It’s one of the most popular tweeting services across the internet.

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This is my personal favorite for inviting people to share my posts because it includes the obvious call to action text and arrow, and the icons jump when your mouse touches them.  See it in action at the bottom of any of my blog posts.

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Another option for adding a row of social bookmarking icons at the bottom of your posts.  You can use this service on almost any website. There are instructions on their website for different ways to integrate it.

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DiggDigg adds a floating box of social sharing buttons on your pages (right or left).  You can customize which of the sharing buttons are shown.

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Like DiggDigg, this plugin adds a floating social media sharing box on your pages.  You can customize what’s shown.  I’m currently using this one.

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Wibiya Toolbar

Wibiya is a toolbar you can install that floats on the bottom of the screen and offers social sharing options, a search box, and more.  Very cool way to keep visitors on your website longer since they can watch your YouTube videos and more from right on your website.

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Tweet Old Post

You know all that fantastic content you’ve got in your archives that isn’t getting noticed anymore?  Use this plugin and it will share older posts on Twitter for you.  You can set how often you want it to share and which posts to share (or not share).

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Twitterlink Comments

Get to know your commenters on Twitter!  This plugin will add a box to your comment form to collect Twitter IDs and then display them along with the comments.  (Built into CommentLuv Premium.)

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Pinterest RSS Widget

Easily add a widget showing your latest pins on Pinterest and an invitation to follow you with this plugin.

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Pin Button Attraction

Make it obvious that you want your images shared on Pinterest, and super easy for visitors, with this plugin.  It adds a “pin this” button link to your images on mouseover.  As you upload each image to your blog you can choose whether you want it to be pinnable.

Get the Details or Download (Paid)

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There are two versions of CommentLuv: free and premium.  It’s one of my top all time favorite plugins because it rewards my commenters for leaving their thoughts and it gives me a simple way to get to know them better and visit their latest blog posts.

The premium version combines 7 different plugins into one plugin for you including TwitterLink ID, GASP (anti-spam) and more.

How it works: (the sale mentioned isn’t available now, but the features are all there)

Get the Details or Download (Free Version)

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Do your commenters know when a new comment has been made on your posts? With this plugin they can. It adds a checkbox to your comment area so they can request an email if someone else comments, or replies to their comment.

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Show Top Commentators

Add a widget to your sidebar to feature your top commentors with a link to their websites. Great way to reward your most active commentors.

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Comment Redirect by Yoast

Create a special landing page for first-time commenters to say thank you with this cool plugin.

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Social by MailChimp

Bring together your comments, tweets and more on each post with Social. See it in action at the bottom of this post. It searches for social shares and comments and brings them back to your blog so you can approve and display them as comments on your post.

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nRelate adds a row of thumbnail + title links to related blog posts, below each post on your blog to help keep readers engaged and browsing your website longer.

You can also use it to setup links with similar sites to yours and share traffic with other bloggers by adding their URLs in the widget.

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LinkWithin is similar to nRelate and allows you to show related posts with images and titles. You can generate a customized widget at their official website.

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Yet Another Related Post Plugin

If you prefer a text listing of posts you can use this plugin instead of the two image based ones above.

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GASP Anti-Spam

This plugin will add a checkbox below your comment box asking commenters to check the box if they’re real. If you’re getting a lot of automated spam it may help stop it.

Get the Details or Download

Simple Trackback Validation

Fighting with a lot of trackback spam? This will block those fake trackbacks from spammy websites.

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W3 Total Cache

Speed up your blog. This plugin works nicely with many other plugins as well as content delivery network (CDN). I recommend watching the video at the link below to understand how it works.

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WP Super Cache

Another caching plugin, this one is simpler than W3 Total Cache and easier to setup. Good for shared hosting accounts.

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Large images can really slow down the time it takes for your website to load. Speed it up by using this plugin to “smush” (optimize) images as you upload them. Just install, customize settings, and then it does the work behind the scenes.

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All In One SEO

The most popular plugin for making your posts more search engine optimized. This adds support for various things like optimized titles, meta tags, etc. you can use it right out of the box or fine tune it.

Get the Details or Download

Scribe SEO

Scribe combines control over your titles, meta tags, etc with tools that help you research keywords and check your content optimization.

Video: See it in action

Free SEO Report: Click here to download

Get the Details or Download (Paid)

Yoast SEO

Featured packaged plugin for SEO. This one incorporates more control than All in One SEO.

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Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 allows you to build multiple forms for your website with text fields, textareas, drop downs, radio buttons and more.

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Gravity Forms

This premium plugin has too many features to list. Easily build multi-page forms, integrate with PayPal, MailChimp, AWeber and many more.

Get the Details or Download (Paid)

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GoCodes is my favorite way to keep track of my affiliate links. You can read my blog post about it here with all the details: Are You Using a Link Shortener?

Get the Details or Download


Great for easily managing small square banners in your sidebar widgets.

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Feed Layout

Use this plugin to add details to the top and/or bottom of your feed. You could use it to add a copyright notice to the bottom of your posts, to encourage feed readers to subscribe to your ezine or to give away a gift. Be imaginative!

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TentBlogger’s Add RSS Footer

Add your own copyright notice, free bonus, or whatever you want to your blog’s RSS feed.

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WP Super Popup

Easily add a popup to your site with this plugin. The free version allows you to decide which pages you want it to show on, how much of a delay it should have and more.

Get the Details or Download

Hello Bar

Hello Bar adds a nice, custom colored drop down bar at the top of your website that you can use to promote whatever you’d like.

My review:

Get the Details or Download

Subscription Options

Not a “techy” but want to add subscription options to your sidebar so visitors can follow you via RSS, email, Twitter or Facebook? And you want to pick the color of those buttons? No problem, just install this plugin.

Get the Details or Download

Footer Slideup

This plugin adds a subscribe form to slide up from the bottom of your blog posts.

Get the Details or Download:

AWeber Comment Optin

Using AWeber? Add a checkbox to your comments area inviting your commenters to subscribe to your newsletter/ezine list.

Get the Details or Download

Covert Messenger Pro

If you’ve been on this page for more than about 30 seconds, you’ll see a little box pop up in the bottom right corner offering you a freebie.  That’s the Covert Messenger Pro plugin.  It’s been extremely effective on my site.

Get the Details or Download (Paid)

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad

Add a stripe across the top of your pages to promote whatever you’d like with this plugin. Customizable to match your website colors. Choose whether it stays still or hovers at the top as visitors scroll down the screen.
Get the Details or Download

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WP Security Scan

Great security checker! This plugin looks at your passwords, file permissions, database security, and other behind the scenes security details and helps you make changes to keep your site more secure.

Get the Details or Download

Threat Scan Plugin

Need to scan your database and files? Threat scan will look for malicious or weird code and help you identify if hackers have been messing with your blog. Useful if you’re trying to recover from being hacked.

Get the Details or Download

Secure WordPress

Easy to use. This plugin goes through your blog and makes small changes to help you stay more secure.

Get the Details or Download

Limit Login Attempts

Does what you’d expect and limits the amount of times someone can attempt to login to your blog. Stops someone from trying to guess your password or run a password cracker script.

Get the Details or Download

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JetPack Stats

Jetpack is the plugin that gives you stats tracking and more.

You do need a username (but not a whole blog at to use this plugin. You can register for just a username at this link:

Get the Details or Download

Google Analyticator

If you prefer to use Google Analytics but aren’t sure how to add the code to your blog, try this plugin.

Get the Details or Download

Blog Metrics

Great for watching stats like comments per post, post per author and more.

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Premise by Copyblogger

For creating sales, opt-in, social share and other landing pages within WordPress I recommend using the Premise plugin from Copyblogger. I love it because it’s a plugin and not a theme, so I can keep my “pretty” theme for my main site but customize sales and opt-in pages with Premise.

This one has been absolutely worth the investment for me in terms of the amount of time saved by being able to build sales and opt-in pages inside of WordPress in a few clicks. Plus I can follow tested copywriting advice (even insert example copy with a click) and easily add professional sales page graphics.

Get the Details or Download (Paid)


This theme allows you to easily create opt-in and sales pages, and works very well for video launches (example: day 1 you share video 2, day 2 you share video 2, day 3 the sales video and page go up). Note that this is actually a theme and not a plugin so you generally need a WordPress installation just for Optimize Press, such as or similar.

Get the Details or Download (Paid)

Impact Template Editor

Works nicely and allows you to build simple sales and landing pages. For those of you who are looking for a free alternative Premise and OptimizePress, and who just need the basics (it doesn’t have fancy features like graphics, copywriting templates, video launch features, etc that the other two do) this could be the answer!

Get the Details or Download

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Searching for an easier way to add Creative Commons licensed images to your post?  This one might be just the answer.

Get the Details or Download


This plugin makes it easy to search just for Creative Commons images licensed for commercial use.  Automatically adds the credits and links back to the photographer.

Get the Details or Download

NextGen Gallery

One of the most popular plugins for WordPress, NextGen Gallery comes with all sorts of features and extensions to turn your images into lovely slideshows and gallery displays.

Get the Details or Download


Create a beautiful slideshow of your images with WP-Cycle. Each image can link to any URL you choose.

Get the Details or Download


For photographers looking to add a gallery with proofing options, Shutter is definitely worth checking out.

Get the Details or Download (Paid)


Beautiful responsive options on this gallery so your images can be viewed on mobile devices.

Get the Details or Download (Paid)

WOW Slider

Tons of effects and options in this slider plugin. Only free for non-commercial sites.

Get the Details or Download

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WP Audio Player

An easy way to add an mp3 player to your blog for playing your own mp3 files. You can customize the player to whatever color you’d like.

Get the Details or Download or

If you’d rather not mess with recording/editing/uploading your own audio files, try or They aren’t plugins but they allow to easily record from your phone or computer and then provide you the necessary code.

WordPress Video Plugin

The easiest way to add YouTube and other videos to your blog is with the WordPress Video Plugin. It allows you to embed videos from 65 different websites using shortcodes.

Step by Step Video:

Get the Details or Download

Amazon S3 for WordPress

If you’re hosting your videos with S3, this plugin makes it easier to share them in your posts.

Get the Details or Download

Simple Video Pro from InstaMagic

Premium plugin for adding fancy options along with your embedded videos.  Great for sharing webinars and sales videos with time reveals, buy buttons and more.

Get the Details or Download (Paid)

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I’m a huge fan of the StudioPress Genesis theme framework.  It just rocks.  Here are some plugins specifically for Genesis that help it rock even more (and let you make edits much more easily).

Genesis Simple Edits

The easiest way to change things like the footer text, copyright, etc in Genesis themes.

Get the Details or Download

Genesis Simple Hooks

Ready to customize your theme more? Add something to your header or footer? Above your comments? Below your comments? Yeah, you can do that without mucking around in code with this cool plugin.

Get the Details or Download

Genesis Visual Hook Guide

Need a little help figuring out which hook does what, where? Try this plugin and it’ll all make sense.

Get the Details or Download

Genesis 404 Page

No more default 404 page with all your pages and posts listed — make it say whatever you want!

Get the Details or Download

Genesis Response Slider

Perfect way to create a slider featuring your most recent blog posts and their images in Genesis themes. Plus, it’s responsive and auto-resizes to work on mobile displays. Awesome.

Get the Details or Download

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Created by the developers of WordPress, BBPress allows you to easily add a forum area to your website.

Get the Details or Download


Build a social network on your WordPress website. Tons of features in this plugin plus more than 300 plugins you can install along with it to extend it’s features.

Get the Details or Download

WP eStore

My choice for simple ecommerce on WordPress. This plugin has a one-time fee, includes customer support, and gives you a secure way to sell digital goods. Integrates with PayPal and other payment processors as well as list services like AWeber and MailChimp. Lots of features.

Also checkout the membership and affiliate module addons available. Very affordable option for a professional store, membership and affiliate setup.

Get the Details or Download (Paid)


Easily sell digital goods (ebooks, etc) through WordPress with this free plugin. Watch a video overview.

Get the Details or Download

s2 Member

Want to create a membership site? S2 Member is worth a look. With free and premium levels, this plugin integrates with multiple payment processors (including PayPal and Clickbank), supports recurring billing, protects posts/pages as well as downloads and more. Watch a video overview.

Get the Details or Download

WishList Member

Super easy way to manage your membership website. Supports dripping (time-released) content and integrates with lots of payment processors and mailing lists. Check out their support videos.

Get the Details or Download (Paid)

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Simple 301 Redirect

Moving from something else into WordPress? Use this to easily redirect old URLs/links to their corresponding new pages so you don’t lose traffic or search engine listings.

Get the Details or Download

WP Backup to DropBox

Looking for a simple, reliable way to keep your WordPress blog backed up?  Try this plugin.

How it works: How to Backup Your WordPress Website While You Sleep

Get the Details or Download

Widget Logic

Want different widgets (those things in your sidebar) to show up on different pages or areas of your site?  Use Widget Logic to tell your blog which widget should show up where.

Get the Details or Download

 WP Touch

Create a mobile version of your blog easily with this plugin.  Just install, customize a few settings, and it will automatically display a mobile version for those using iPhones or other mobile devices to view your site.

Get the Details or Download Calendar

Add an event calendar to your blog with this plugin.  It’s customizable with multiple themes and integrates with many calendar formats (including Google calendar) and will even allow you to import Facebook events.

Get the Details or Download

Search Meter

Wondering what your visitors are searching for? Try search meter and you’ll be able to watch what’s being searched for and see whether your searchers found what they wanted.

Tips on how it works:

Get the Details or Download

GD Star Ratings

Looking for a way to find out what readers think of your posts? Let them rate you with stars or thumbs up. This plugin adds a “rate this post” to your blog.

Get the Details or Download

Broken Link Checker

Easily check your blog for broken links with this plugin.

Get the Details or Download

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Your Turn!

I’d love to know what your favorite plugins are and what might be missing from my list. Leave me a comment, okay? And if you find this helpful please share it.


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      It’s definitely been worth it for me to have full control with a setup vs. free, especially since I blog for business and want the freedom to sell ads and promote my services/workshops. does include some of these plugins in their accounts though. :)
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    2. Make sure the plugins you use are kept up-to-date. This can be checked on the WordPress plugin directory.

    3. Use only the plugins you really need. The plugins you use should serve your business goals not just those that provide fun/fancy features.

    4. Use plugins to add the functions your readers/prospects want.

    5. Since plugins take up server resources and some bloat your database, be sure to deactivate any plugin you’re not actively using.

    6. Keep your plugins updated. Whenever you’re in WordPress and you see there’s an update to a plugin, install it. They’re usually either bug fixes, security hole fixes, add compatibility with the lastest WordPress version or add features. All of those are good things.

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  36. Christopher Wright

    For those who want to start a podcast, Powerpress is the way to go. Don’t use Podpress. It’s no longer being developed and supported.

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