Question & Challenge: Are You In Your Genius Zone?

It’s Monday! That means a question and challenge video for you.

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on YouTube:

Your Turn: What is your “genius zone”? What action can you take based on this question? Be sure to leave me your response in the comments below the video!


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    What a great question, Michelle! I’ve thought about this for a little while — I personally do not think I am a genius but I know that I have helped people in the past because of my web design knowledge and with my own journey of using blogging as a tool for business, that has helped others as well. I have brain dumped some ideas that can further that — YAY new post ideas and maybe a special report or two :)

    Thanks for the kick in the pants! Maybe some day I will consider myself a genius but for now .. I am happy with being good at what I do ;)
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    How do you outsource those things when you don’t have money? I got a profit of $208 last year, and my personal money goes towards bills and other regular life stuff.

    I have a couple of things I’d really like to outsource, like bookkeeping for instance (once I called it bookeeping, freudian slip)
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      Hey Linda, I totally get that’s a challenge. What I’ve done in the past is to look at creative options. So if outsourcing or hiring a VA right now isn’t something that’s a fit for where you’re at, then look at maybe how you can partner with someone on a project — split the tasks so you each do what you’re good at (a good partner will compliment you and be strong where you’re weak). Or look at bartering or other ways you can exchange value. Money isn’t the only “payment” we can use to gain the skills or services we need. :) Just gotta get outside the box a bit!
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    Great video!

    I would like to say I work 75% of the time in my genius zone! It’s probably more like 40% right now though. I do LOVE to learn, so I think I can be out of my sweat spot and be happy there too. The VA of my dreams is someone who’s genius zone is sales and marketing, digs my work and has my back!

    @Linda, for small things (probably not bookkeeping or even bookeeping) you may want to give a go.
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    Good video. Everybody has some talent or ability which is unique in how they put it into practice, it can just take some a while to find out what that really is and then do something with it. But when you do it is so rewarding!

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    Great video and a great point. I haven’t had as many opportunities to do it within my business but I have shuttled off other things such as cutting my grass and handling my bookkeeping to others so I can concentrate more on the tasks at hand.

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