Stop Being Fuzzy. Move Forward. It Matters.

What keeps some people moving forward while others struggle at the starting line?

I’ve had quite a few friends and colleagues ask me lately, ” What’s different?”  They see me getting things done and putting more out there and want to know what’s changed.

Yes, things have changed.  I’m changing.  My goals and vision are becoming more clear and I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of personal work with coaches, and continuing to follow and learn from brilliant people.

I don’t know the answers, but here’s what I know is true for me:

You’ve Got to Have Goals

Without goals you’ll be spinning your wheels. Busy, but not productive. Moving, but not in the right direction.

You can’t plan a trip if you don’t know your destination. And the plan matters. Immensely.

Know your goals. That helps you know which of the thousand tasks on your “to do” list are the priorities. And it allows you to gracefully let go of what doesn’t move you towards your goals.

You’ve Got to Know Your Why

I thought I knew my why.  I work from home to help support my family.  But that’s only part of my why.

Last year I realized there was a lot more to it.  A bigger picture that I’d been… uncomfortably avoiding.  Because it challenged me.

I didn’t want to accept that I could make a bigger difference because it scared me.  What if I fail?

Then I realized if I didn’t try, that would be even worse than failing.

When I’m tired, discouraged, or tempted to give up… I remember my why.

It’s me.  About 11 years ago.  Sitting on the floor of an empty kitchen, holding a crying, hungry child and not knowing how to fix the situation but promising myself that I would find a way to create a business of my own and never be in that position again.

When I think back to that moment and remind myself that there are others in that spot now who I can help either through offering resources here on my blog or through making money so I can support organizations like KIVA, the Mocha Club, and Oxfam, I can fight through almost anything and keep moving forward.

I can’t give what I don’t have.  My business has to work.  Failure is not an option.

If I want to empower you, I have to stay empowered myself.

Know the Bigger Picture

I’m building a business.  My own little empire.

In my kingdom I get to choose what products and services I offer and who I support.

I choose to work with entrepreneurs and small business owners because we are the ones changing the world.  We are the ones supporting our families, reconnecting the local economy, creating new jobs, giving to the world around us, and making a difference.

I can create success for myself while I support others in creating their own success, and together we all make a bigger impact–and that’s my big picture.

What are your goals? 

What’s your why?

What’s your bigger picture?

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    Great post Michelle! Absolutely need to have a goal or a vision without which you are most certain to fall by the way side and get nowhere. Your story is compelling but I would say not a far cry from many of us who have just decided that failure is not an option!
    Sad to say way too many people allow their difficult state to discourage them, but like you said, you just had to make things work! Fear of failure is also a big impediment as you mentioned! Very inspiring post Michelle! Thank you for sharing!
    Rusty recently posted… We Are Masters Of Our Own FateMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Michelle,
    This is a wonderfully inspiring post –

    I’m at a point in my business where I need to take a big step forward and reading your post helped me narrow it down more.

    My goals are much the same to provide for my family, but also to get my message out –

    My why is also nestled in with my goals – spread my message of success, in spite of limited resources and any other limitations we face.

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Christine Brady recently posted… How to Increase Your Sales for Affiliate Marketing SuccessMy Profile

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    Only a few short years ago I was existing (not living,) on $500 a month government assistance and wanted to end my life. Dragging myself out of that pit was the hardest thing I have ever done but I did it one step at a time, one moment at a time while fighting my fears and moving forward despite the physical pain. My why is knowing I can never again be a victim or allow circumstances to direct my life; I will be the one who decides what I do and how I do it. I also want to be an example and show others they can change their lives no matter what condition it is in and give them hope for something better.
    Caroline recently posted… Tech Tip – How to Update WordPressMy Profile

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    Michelle, I’m a first time visitor to your blog and I’m blown away so far. Anyway, definitely great point: HAVE A PLAN! Many people live their lives without a plan, a goal, a destination. Having a plan is the first step in implementing it! No plan? No execution!!!!!

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    thanks michelle for sharing this.
    understand your tears – even better.

    my goals – guess i have set them up, but sometimes i am a bit confused how to reach them.
    not knowing exactly how to walk!

    my why: like carlonine.s
    but not 5 years ago – caroline i am glad you have made it!!! – still there.
    dependent on governmental money – i want to get out, desperately!
    finding independence again and success.

    i am already successful on a certain level – since i have started to built my world.
    since i am able to do the work i am doing from home.

    but there is still so much to do.
    now i am joining you with the tears!
    helen bogun recently posted… 48 QuestionsMy Profile

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    Exactly-we got to have a big picture ahead of us. If we don’t, we cannot move forward. That is why there are some people who struggle at the starting line, while others go smoothly through their way. I sometimes find myself being fuzzy, but it is something more related to my personal lifestyle and not to problems with concluding what I want to achieve and how I want to organize my goals.
    Great post, Michelle!
    EleonoraEOF recently posted… Hungry Girl 300 Under 300 Review by Lisa LillienMy Profile

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    You know what, this is a brilliant post – I don’t know about everyone else but I have sat there thinking to myself I have to make it, there is no option – and you are absolutely right if you don’t have goals you will never reach your destination – I wish you all the best my friend

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