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I was sitting on a catamaran somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean when I had one of those interesting moments where life got me thinking. It didn’t matter if there was a crowd in the room… or an audience of 5 with only 1 person distractedly paying attention… The man in the lime shirt kept dancing […]

Category: Entrepreneurs Only

Guest Blog by Adam Urbanski of The Marketing Mentors This past weekend I received a disturbing message from a dear friend. His business wasn’t generating all the income he needed. He’s exhausted all savings, started depleting credit card reserves and badly needed money to pay this month’s mortgage… Ouch! I wish I knew sooner… Whether […]

Category: Entrepreneurs Only

This post is sponsored by Visa Business.  Thoughts shared are my own. As entrepreneurs we’ve got a lot of advantages over the “big guys” – for example, we can quickly respond and adapt our businesses to the needs of our clients and shift our marketing strategies to capitalize on trends. But it’s often easy to […]


Do you have what it takes to be an “Authority”? Check out this very free cool quiz to test your “Authority Factor” (just click the image to go to the quiz): Your turn! Are you actively working to position yourself as an authority in your business? Have you found it helps to create the 7 […]

I hold a personal belief that we’re all designed to create amazing things.  We’re all creative in unique ways and we each have our own mission here on earth. Two of my favorite quotes lately are: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the […]

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