5 Ways You Might Be Driving Your Readers Crazy (Without Realizing It!)

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You may be guilty of driving your readers crazy without even realizing it. And unless you’ve got thousands of “spare readers” just waiting to fill in the spots by the ones you’re driving away, (I sure don’t!  I want every reader who lands here to stick around.) you might want to run down this quick […]

5 Ways to Add Visitor Interactivity to Your Website


Is your website helping you to connect with customers? Or is it just talking for you? The internet is awesome.  It allows us a super cheap way to get the word out to the world about what we do, what we care about, and whatever we want to share. But it can help us do […]

Why Isn’t Anyone Commenting On My Blog?


Have you asked that question lately?  It’s discouraging to blog and not get responses, I know.  So let’s look at what causes it and how to fix it. Let’s start with the easy to fix technical issues… Here are some reasons you may not be getting comments: 1.  No Traffic Problem: Before you assume people […]

Blog Post Brainstorming Made Easier


Putting out a steady stream of blog posts can be challenge. Some of us run into the challenge of not having time to write, or getting nervous about publishing, or getting in fights with technology (why does technology usually win the fight?). But another common obstacles is that sometimes just run out of good ideas […]

Smile With Your Blog Comments


Is your pretty, simling face showing up when you comment on blogs?  No?  Let’s fix that! Showing your avatar (your online photo image) along with your comments makes it easier for blog owners and other blog commenters to recognize you when you comment — especially if you’ve got that same photo showing up on Twitter, […]

Blogging Like a Clover: Why Should I Comment On Your Blog?


Why should I read your blog? Why should I comment on it? What’s in it for me? If you’re creating great content that’s reason enough for me to subscribe and read. But I read a lot of blogs I don’t comment on.  What does it take to get me to comment and interact publicly with […]

Why I Pulled My Comments Out of Disqus

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Test over.  I love Disqus, but I’m back to the WordPress comment system. Here’s what I loved about Disqus, why it might work great for you, and why I turned it off (at least for now). The Awesome Disqus handles filtering comments, auto approves and generally takes care of a lot of the admin side […]

Homework? But I Graduated a Decade Ago!


Okay, it’s been more than a decade.  But shhhh….! As part of the 31 Days Blog Challenge, I spent time today reading what some very smart people have written about blogging and business online. They’re brilliant so I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite gems.  I recommend not just these posts, […]

Understanding “Do Follow” and How to Tell

After my recent post on rewarding your blog commenters I got several questions asking what “do follow” meant and how to tell if a blog has “no follow” or “do follow” on it’s comments. What is “No Follow” By default most blogs are setup so that the links to a commenter’s website are marked “nofollow” […]

Free Your Comments!


Have you ever tried to leave a comment on a blog only to find that it required you to register, sign up for an account, confirm your email address, fill in a nearly impossible to read captcha (am I the only one who can’t read those half the time?) and then stand on your hands […]