She Called Me a Liar and Said I’d Never Succeed

Big foot of crisis crushes small entrepreneur

I did something I probably shouldn’t have this morning. I’d not yet had my morning coffee, I was a wee bit cranky, and I was in conversation with a lovely person who shared a bad experience she’d had with a coach that was affecting her still.  But I’d heard the SAME heart-breaking story from so […]

Why I’m Celebrating Recent Failures


We’re a little over three weeks into the year… and by now many “New Year’s Resolutions” have been abandoned… great plans have been filed right in that round bin labeled “trash”… But does that mean failure? Do you think of success and failure as two opposite things?  Two different roads to be traveled like that […]

Did Plan A Fail? Remember This


  Did Plan A fail? Go to Plan B. Did that fail? Go to Plan C. For every failure, learn whatever lessons you can and just keep going. Period. Don’t worry about Plan A.  There are 25 other letters in the alphabet. “If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. You […]

Weekend Inspiration: Overcome Failure

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Have you ever felt like a failure?  Has someone else told you that you couldn’t make your business successful? You’re in great company!  Watch the short video below and see who else pushed forward after failure, or was told they wouldn’t succeed. If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.  Accept now that sometimes things won’t […]

Failure – A Sign You Should Quit?


How many times did you fail this week?  If you aren’t failing, maybe you aren’t tackling big enough problems!  Failure is not a sign you should quit, only a chance for you to get back up and try again.  Get creative!  Don’t let failure keep you down! Thomas Edison is famous for his invention of […]

Have a Little Faith in Yourself

Nervous Woman on white

Would you like to listen to this post? CinchCast audio is just above the related posts, sharing links, and comments at the bottom. Look for the purple play button. Ever feel like the woman on the left – biting your nails nervously when you think about running your own business?  Good thing you stopped by […]