Did you know creating a welcome tab for your Facebook fan page can increase the number of people who click “Like” when they visit your page?

Instead of allowing new visitors to land on a confusing wall of posts from you and your fans, you can use a welcome tab to introduce yourself and tell potential fans how you can help them.

But to create one yourself is time consuming and requires some technical know how with iframes.  I wrote a tutorial for a friend on how to create one and it involved creating an HTML page, uploading it to her hosting space, creating a custom app on Facebook, changing page settings… we’re talking more than just a few pages of quick directions.

So when I ran across PageModo, which promised an EASY way to create a fan page welcome tab, I had to give it a try.  (Hat tip to Darlene from the Life on the Franco Farm blog for using this app where I spotted it on her fan page.)

And after a few minutes of playing with the app, it really is simple.  The free version lets you create one basic page.  For more pages or more features (like video) you can upgrade.  I created mine with the free version.

Here’s what to do:

  • Start at http://www.pagemodo.com/ and click the big blue button that says “Start Now, Connect with Facebook”
  • Sign in to Facebook when/if prompted and give PageModo permission to access your pages (so it can add your new content)
  • Choose your template and click around to customize
  • Tip: Click the < > button in the text editor to switch to code view if you want to add in an opt-in box for your ezine or free gift like I did in mine below
  • Follow the steps to save and complete your new page

PageModo will automatically publish it to Facebook and set it as your default welcome tab for new visitors.  How simple is that?

Here’s what my new welcome page looks like:

Try PageModo, or one of these other solutions on Mari Smith’s awesome list of Facebook apps for creating your own welcome page: http://www.facebook.com/marismith?sk=app_190322544333196

Leave a comment with your Facebook page fan link!  :)