Three Quick & Easy Ways to Get More Traffic From Twitter

Want more traffic to your website from Twitter?

Not sure what to do to make that happen?

Here are three quick & easy ways to drive more traffic from Twitter back to your blog.

…plus one bonus tip that isn’t quick but is totally worth the time.

1.  Twitter Tools

Install and use the Twitter Tools plugin — it will let you set your new blog posts to tweet as soon as they’re publishing, including the #hashtags of your choice.

2. Tweet Old Post

Install and configure Tweet Old Post.  You can choose how far back in your archives this plugin looks, and how often it tweets.  It will randomly send out tweets based on those settings.  Cool way to bring life and traffic back to the great posts you’ve written in the past.

3. Tweet Buttons

Let your readers help send traffic your way!  Give them an easy way to share your posts on Twitter — like the TweetMeme button, or another social sharing plugin.

 Bonus Tip…

Take some time and create a set of Twitter #hashtag tips that you can schedule each month to share with your followers.  Here’s how to do it:

Want more Twitter tips?  I’ve shared my best strategies here.

What’s your favorite way to get more traffic from Twitter?

Image Credit: opensourceway, Flickr Creative Commons License


  1. says

    thanks michelle
    you are mindreader right?
    working on twitter right now and you come around with all the wonderful tips.

    today i tried manual to retweet old blog posts

  2. says

    Thanks for letting know these great twitter tips. Frequency of tweets does matter and I liked the plugins you’ve mentioned here. It’s a great way to breath life to old posts.

  3. says

    Thanks Michelle good timing ! Twitter was the next on my list of things to look into. I have been manually re tweeting old posts this will make thing a lot easier.

  4. says

    I’ve retweeted old posts via Hootsutie and scheduled them in that way. In looking at what people tweet, I think many people use Tweet Old Posts and maybe a bit too much. I hate seeing too many old blog posts. Some people seem to tweet them every 20 minutes or every hour. That’s just too much tweeting of old posts. But that’s just my opinion. Would love to know what you think the frequency of posting old posts should be.

  5. says

    Thanks for this tips Michelle; I wrote a short report about some little Twitter tips (available on my blog) because I discovered that so many people get frustrated about Twitter. I teach that it’s a social network and being social is really important.

    I tweet other people’s stuff a lot and I’m glad I can do a little of that for me. :)


  6. says

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been looking for ways to utilize my twitter account more effectively. I especially like the option of highlighting older posts.

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