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Are you working to build an opt-in list of people interested in what you’re offering?  Here are three simple ways to grow that list.

1. Your Website

Put an opt-in form on every page of your website.  With the exception of sales pages where you want your reader to focus on one thing (buying your product/service), every other page of your site pretty much needs to have an opt-in box.

Try your sidebar, your header, your footer, at the end of your posts.  Test out different areas and see what converts best for you.

Right now, the form you see below this post is getting a higher rate of opt-ins for me than the form in my side bar.  It’s not just the position though–it’s also a much better opt-in offer than the boring one in my side bar.  Yes, I’ll be fixing that soon.

Which demonstrates an important point–it doesn’t have to be perfect!  You can always improve what you’ve got, so start somewhere.

2. EMail Signature

Add a note about your freebie to your email signature.  Just Google (or search on YouTube) for the name of your email program and the phrase “how to add a signature” and you’ll find step by step how to do it.

Or check out Wisestamp.  I use it and love it.  I’ve got mine set to feature my last blog post and it’s increased traffic to my blog.

3.  Social Media

Let people know about your freebie on social media.

Put the link in your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and where ever else you’re active.

And share it once in a while, too!

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