Do you know who’s linked to your website?

Are you wondering how your visitors are finding you?  Or if all that work you’ve been doing to build links is paying off?

Knowing which site are linking to you and which links are driving traffic is important so you can focus your efforts on the most effective traffic sources for you.

Luckily, you can “unmask” those referrers and find out who has linked to you and how much traffic is coming from the links.

A Website Stats Tracker:

You should be tracking your website statistics.  There are lots of options to choose from.

  • AwStats – This is probably already installed on your hosting space, especially if you’re on a cPanel host.  With AwStats you can see not only how much traffic you’re getting but where it’s coming from.  Very detailed stats.
  • Google Analytics – A free option from Google that reveals great information including traffic, link referrers, bounce rate and more.
  • Stats – Also free, this plugin for WordPress sites will shows recent links to your site, what links visitors clicked to get to you, and general traffic stats.

Snooping Tools:

To see who’s already linking to you try these.

  • Google Search – Search for and Google will show some of the websites they know are linked to you.  It won’t show all of them.  I guess Google likes to keep secrets.   You can also do which will show you which sites include your URL and many are linking to you.
  • AltaVista Search – Search for for a more accurate list of who’s linked to your website.
  • Alexa – Check your site’s profile on and you’ll see an option to view sites linking to you.
  • – This site offers free and paid options to track links.
  • – A free service that will show you who’s linking to you.
  • SEO Logic’s Backlink Tool – They’ll send you a free email report monthly.

And if you want to monitor who’s mentioning you or your business online, you’ll find this post helpful: Who’s Talking About You?

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