What Doctor Who Can Teach You About Going Big

Want to go big and get your content and your business in front of more people?

Take a lesson from the Universe and Time Traveling Doctor Who!

Regenerating your content to give it new lives is a great way to make it happen.

<– TARDIS Image © Zir / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0 / GFDL

Check out this awesome infographic from Tea of The Word Chef:

The Timelord's Guide to Regenerating Your Blog Content – Infographic
Image by The Word Chef – Branding and Marketing Coach/Consultant

Your Turn!

Are you “regenerating” your blog content?  Which methods have you tried, or will you try next?


  1. Sherie

    Twitter: trancingqueen

    Michelle, I am such a fan of Doctor Who! Love the analogy of content regeneration! You rock! : D
    Sherie recently posted… These Daily Mistakes that Keep Limiting Beliefs StrongMy Profile

  2. This is a great infographic from the ever clever Tea.
    Using my blog content, I’ve created a print book, an ebook, presentation and a webinar. These are not just great ways to extend one product, but also smart ways to generate multiple streams of income. Thanks for sharing it.
    Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D. recently posted… Are You a Lunatic to Think Your Headlines Should Be Tweet-Worthy?My Profile

  3. MJ Schrader

    Twitter: MJSchrader

    How totally awesome! I saw many “Dr Who”s this weekend during the Dallas Comic Con! And what an awesome post that points out how much we can “regenerate” our current content.
    MJ Schrader recently posted… Security and Your Business WordPress SiteMy Profile

  4. Adalia John

    Twitter: adaliaj

    I like this infographic, sometimes less is more. Some good strategies for leveraging your time and creating passive income.
    I appreciate you and the information you share.
    Adalia John recently posted… 25 Don’t Quit Inspirational Quotes.My Profile

  5. Debbie Deupree

    Twitter: DebbieDeupree

    Love how you used Dr. Who for this!

    My new year plan is sharing my weekly articles as weekly blog posts 30 days after they are received by my newsletter recipients. I got this idea from Sandra Martini :)
    Debbie Deupree recently posted… You are intuitive, now what?My Profile

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