What’s Your Bookshelf Say About You?

I’m back with another question and challenge video for you — plus some cool free resources to recommend.

If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch it on YouTube: http://youtu.be/z-Uw_Ps-Nuo

I recommended several books in the video, and here are a few more:

What are you reading now, or going to read next?  Leave a comment and share!


  1. says

    My bookshelf and Kindle screams Multi-Creative Heathen Witch that also reads Crime novels, Thrillers and Fantasy.
    The only business book I’ve got so far, is Danielle LaPorte’s Firestarter Sessions, if you don’t count the numerous documents I’ve downloaded.
    I don’t buy books that often, because I tend to memorize them. So I go to the library in stead. At the library, I’ve borrowed lots of books on Runes, Herbs, Art and scientific reports and books on the subjects Seiðr, Volvas and Norse Magic.
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  2. Michael says

    Hey Michelle,
    What great ideas for a bookworm like me.
    Someone said great readers are great thinkers,
    and great thinkers make great leaders.
    I’ll definitely buy into your reccomendations.

  3. says


    After recently reading Pressfield’s The War of Art and Turning Pro, I have recommitted to not giving into resistance. These companion books are turning points in your perpsective that you’ll be drawn to read more than once.

    In Jeff Goins Wrecked, I discovered how a detour in our lives can lead us down a better path and how overcommitment and compassion for others can sometimes cause us to jeopardize our own lives.

    For fun I like Alexander McCall Smith’s No.1 Ladies Detective Agency Series. After getting through the first eleven I was proud of having finished the series, only to discover that he wrote two new ones when I wasn’t looking. I’ll devour those soon. This quick, light and delightful series feeds my love of mysteries and has acquainted me with Botswana, a place that’s now on my bucket list.

    Many other books are stacked in print or on my Kindle reader waiting their turn.
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    Thanks for these reads and inspiration. I have a selection of books which are littering the floor next to my bed. I read and re-read, unlike previous commenter, Lind, I do not memorize the book and almost gain comfort from the re-read!

    Right now there are classics – Thinking for a Change – John Maxwell, One Minute Millionaire, WordPress in Depth . For recreational reading I have, Aaragon and the Eighty Dollar Champion.

    Each is kind of a … spirt of inspiration … to get me and keep me going.


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  5. says

    Right now I am working my way through Abundance and the Power of Habit simultaneously. I love your selection because they sound like they are easy reads and get right to the point. Thank you for the selection, Michelle, Sarah

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    My problem is not how many books are on my shelf, but how many I am actually reading! I have so many trainings, books to read, and things to do (not to mention I’m in the middle of re-writing one book of my own and need to write the new one) that I have to make an effort to block out time to do the training. :-)
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  8. says

    My bookshelf says that I like to read! I read mysteries, non-fiction, photography, and hobby boos, to name a few. I am currently reading Jeff Goins “Wrecked” and re-reading my favorite mystery series by Lawrence Block – the Matthew Scudder series – on Kindle.
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    Love your video segments – your energy is infectious! On your recommendation, I just downloaded “The Power of Unpopular.”

    One book that I’m reading right now that feeds my soul both professionally and personally is “Humilitas” by John Dickson. It talks a lot about integrity; the true meaning of humility; how it’s mistakenly confused with humiliation…etc. It’s a great, paradigm shifting read!

    And Michelle, since we both share a passion for coffee – here’s an awesome free Amazon download by a friend of mine Billy Taylor “Unforgettable Autumn Recipes with Coffee”

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