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Coming up with ideas to write about isn’t generally my challenge.  I love to brainstorm and most of the time I can come up with more ideas than I can use.  Knowing which ideas are best to go with and finding time to write complete posts to share, those are challenges for me.

So it might surprise you to know that 5 or 6 weeks ago I signed up for Chris Brogan’s Blog Topics at $9.97/month (not an affiliate link).  And I don’t plan to unsubscribe any time soon.

Why would I pay for blog ideas?  Because it really helps to get out of my own head and get ideas that come from totally out of the box. And when I pay for something I actually pay attention to it.  I read the email every time it lands in my inbox.  (Let’s not discuss how many freebies I’ve downloaded and haven’t read… I might be a PDF hoarder.)

My ideas don’t tend to wander too far since I’m very close to my own business.  Getting ideas that aren’t based on my business, my clients, my family, or my own social network opens up a whole new world from a different perspective.  It’s helping me approach things more creatively.

And, because he just can’t hide his brilliance, every week I get more than a summary of great blog post ideas (or article ideas, ezine ideas, video ideas, anything I need content for).  I get actionable advice to help me improve my writing.

Why am I sharing this with you?  First, so you can sign up if you’d like.  And second, as a reminder to invest in yourself and your business! This is a tiny investment.  It’s saving me time and helping me become a better blogger.  Totally worth it.

What have you invested in lately that’s worked out well for you?  Any great memberships, books, or other products you’d like to share?

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