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Come on, I dare you to join the Ultimate Blog Challenge with me!

We start January 1st.

Here’s the deal.  Every quarter, Michele Scism and I host a month long challenge celebration for bloggers.  (Yes, I’ve decided to call it a celebration this time!)

The goal is to post once to your blog for every day of the month.  So 31 posts by the end of January.

Why the heck would anyone do this?  Over the years we’ve run this challenge I’ve heard dozens of reasons from “just to prove I can” to “creating content for my next ebook/book” to “more traffic!” and many others.

Here are 10 reasons why YOU should join us:

  1. It’s free.  Can’t beat that.
  2. We’ll send you a daily email with blogging ideas (they’re already scheduled and ready to go, with over 100 ideas total!).  Put these in a folder and feel the stress melt away as you know where to go next time writer’s block tries to attack.
  3. You get to join a fabulous community of bloggers who connect on Facebook and Twitter to support each other.
  4. With writing every day, you learn to write faster and stay focused.
  5. We help you learn to promote your posts consistently by reminding you to get out there and share them after you’ve written them.  Form good habits!
  6. You’ll walk away with lots more content that you can then repurpose into other things (ebooks, books, giveaways, teleseminars, infographics, seriously this list could go on and on).
  7. You’ll stretch yourself and prove you can create valuable content more often than you thought.
  8. You can submit your blog to be listed in the directory and list yourself as a member on the UBC website (links!).
  9. It’s a great way to build relationships and find other bloggers you can connect with beyond the challenge–for JVs, guest blog posts, and more.
  10. It’s FUN!  Consider it a daily opportunity to celebrate your right to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom to create your own business, and the ability to broadcast to the world via the internet.


Get in now at

Are you in?  Leave a comment below and share your blog!