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Want to know the real secret to a successful blog?  It’s probably not what you’ve been told — posting super frequently, getting just the right blog template, having the perfect header image or font for your brand… Don’t miss this guest post by Jeff Molander.  It’s one of the smartest posts I’ve shared so far […]

Category: Blogging

What can you do to build trust with your blog readers and move them from landing on your blog and reading a few posts to becoming super fans who rave about your blog and clients who work with and love you? Continuing in a series of answering your blog traffic questions, Kathy from LeanBodyWorks asked […]

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It’s Monday! That means a question and challenge video for you. If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch it on YouTube: So, your turn! Do you struggle with the “I know I should, BUT…” What’s one thing you know you need to do to move forward that you haven’t taken […]


Don’t have an hour today to spend on an important project, marketing, social networking, blogging, or whatever is on your list to move your business forward? Then spend 30 minutes.  Or 15 minutes. Whatever time you’ve got, do what you can. I was on Google+ earlier today, avoiding my daily workout because I knew I […]

Business zombies don’t just want to eat your brains.  We could stop that with our tin foil hats.  (Right?  Doesn’t my hat protect me from that?) No, they want to turn your brain into a swirling mass of confusion that keeps you from making decisions and moving forward.  Business zombies are very good at this. […]

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