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Want to know the real secret to a successful blog? 

It’s probably not what you’ve been told — posting super frequently, getting just the right blog template, having the perfect header image or font for your brand…

Don’t miss this guest post by Jeff Molander.  It’s one of the smartest posts I’ve shared so far this year on my blog (and hey, I DO like my own writing… but that tells ya how key I think this concept is!).

The Most Powerful Blogging Lesson Learned (that nobody is talking about)

Guest Post by Jeff Molander

confidenceIn the last few years of blogging for business what have we learned? When all the articles and YouTube videos have been published what did we learn—that we took action on and improved our businesses with?

Answer: Readers don’t need us. They need confidence in themselves. They need to believe they can find a better way to create material or spiritual wealth for themselves. If you or I give them an experience that creates that confidence? We earn their trust and business, faster.

The fastest route to trust: Confidence

Want to earn trust? Move your readers’ needles. Give them an honest sense of “can-do” based on something you do for them, not something you tell them. Confidence is the key to unlocking your business blogging success.

When my readers achieve results based on something I did for them I’ve all but sold my product. The rest is downhill. Here’s the best part: Helping readers do something vitally important to them is a wonderful excuse for you to earn their name and email address.

Engagement is not the goal (response is)

Nothing influences and motivates a prospect more (toward purchase) than moving their needle. Nothing. Think about it in your life. Have you ever been given a “taste of success” (a free trial) or a stronger sense of confidence in yourself as a buyer?

If you’ve attended a first time home buyer’s workshop sponsored by a mortgage broker you know what I mean. Giving someone confidence proves what you charge for is worth it, beyond a doubt. The only way to do that in your business is to take action on a bold idea.

Attracting and engaging customers is not a sufficient goal. It is a starting point.

Engagement is an opportunity to get customers to act. Your investment in attracting and engaging someone who lands on your blog is wasted if you don’t earn a response from them.

Michelle recently asked that you do one scary thing per day. Make acting on this idea your scary thing.

Right now, make sure your blog invites prospects to respond to you in ways that bring a “taste of success” into their lives. Make sure you have a call-to-action, inviting customers to take a journey toward what it is they need or crave.

Take action now

Let go of familiar, comfortable habits. I did it and customers started asking me for the sale. Because I am moving their needles with my blog. You can too.

Start causing a little bit of success in potential customers’ lives with your blog. Do it well enough and you’ll see them craving more of those results. That’s because they’ll trust the person giving them that taste of early success, that confidence—you.

Here’s how:

Step #1:  Share your best, NEW insights liberally (or don’t share anything at all)

Step #2:  Prove you’re worth investing by giving ‘results in advance’

Step #3:  Affirm buyers’ right to choose (give them freedom, disarm them)

Get started by asking yourself:

  • What pressing problem do I solve?
  • What pain do I remove?
  • What pleasure can I help create?
  • What freedom does my service permit?
  • What important connection does my product allow?

Begin the journey

Engaging someone who lands on your blog is your big chance to do something for them. Something that moves their needle, creates confidence in them and (as a result) trust in you.

The great Napoleon Hill said it best. Here on planet Earth, we are paid not merely for what we know but more particularly for what we do for others. Learning is in the doing, not the knowing.

Engaging is a chance to enter into a journey with a prospect. A trip toward whatever it is they need, desire, hope for or need to avoid. Make engagement the start of a series of “fair exchanges” that guides prospective buyers toward, or away from, what you’re selling. Good luck!

JeffMolanderJeff Molander is the authority on making social media sell, adjunct faculty at Loyola University business school, author of, Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You and a social sales training speaker.

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