Don’t Miss These Great Reads

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

What Entertainers Can Teach Entrepreneurs
Learn from Frank Sinatra, John Stewart, Howard Stern and other successful entertainers.

30+ Creative Ways to Increase Holiday Sales
Looking for a new idea for this year’s holiday promotions?  It’s not too late!  Try this list.

How to Steal Like an Artist & 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me
An interesting and thought provoking post about creativity, business and life.

Are Internet Idiots Annihilating Your Productivity?
Click through on this link for the hilarious cartoon (then stay to read the content, of course, it’s Copyblogger!).

Respecting Your Natural Ability and Your Never, Never Evers
Because we all need to remember this and she says it beautifully.

What’s on your “can’t miss” reading list?  Got something great on your own blog, that’s okay to share, too.

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Peek Into an Internet Marketer’s Little Black Book

Shhhhh!  Before she changes her mind, here’s your chance to peek inside Traci’s “Little Black Book” of the best internet resources and links she’s run across in her 20 years of marketing experience.

Get 158 links to business tools for everything from publicity and promotion to graphics and legal resources.  These are links that are current and the services/resources have been used by Traci herself.  They’re not the super-expensive options, either, but free and low-cost tools that have been battle tested by entrepreneurs.  Get the secrets that can save you time and money building your own online empire.

And as a bonus, she’s also sharing 200+ social media management and measurement links.

That’s 350+ pre-tested resources that you can have at your fingertips.  No more searching Google for hours to find the resource you need.

Oh, and as if that’s not cool enough, Traci’s providing these in a format that you can import straight into your bookmarks!  How awesome is that?

I’ve been online since at least 1988 (I can’t really remember before that, I was 8).  I’ve been actively developing websites since 1993 (yes, I was 13).  So as you might expect, I’m an online resource junkie–my own rolodex is packed with links and resource from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners.  And even I found dozens and dozens of resources in Traci’s rolodex that I’d never heard of.

I can hear the voices in your head now–they want you to save time and buy this guide.  It’s $10.  Less than a takeout dinner.  Because it’s worth the saving of frustration and wondering if a resource will work.

Grab yours here.

Seriously, if just ONE of these links helps you save 30 minutes of searching for the perfect solution (and you can use a free one instead of one you pay for every month) you’ve already covered the cost.

Now, pardon me as I have to go finish exploring my new bookmark collection…

What are you waiting for?  Grab yours here.

Okay, you’re still reading.  Maybe you aren’t familiar with Traci?  Let me introduce you!

Traci is a friend who helped console me during a major business freak out about a year ago.  I learned then she’s got an amazing ability to reframe things into a positive view and spur the “moving forward” action that we’ve got to keep going to keep going as an entrepreneur.

She’s also a super fun internet marketer who tells it like it is and isn’t afraid of a challenge.  She’s got mad branding and sales skills.

I featured her free Google+ guide here a few weeks ago (get yours here).  Traci has guest posted on my site twice:

blend-overratedStop Blending In! Tips to Make Your Blog Stand Out from the Crowd

Guest Post Alert! I’m excited to host Traci Hayner Vanover, aka The Promo Diva(R), today and know you’ll love this post about how to stand out from the crowd. Blending in should be reserved for eyeshadow and smoothies, not for blogs. There are millions of blogs across the net – in niches ranging from ballroom […]

spencer-frameWhat My Dogs Taught Me About Social Media

I’ve invited Traci Hayner Vanover to share a post today.  I connected with her through social media and our mutual love of caffeine and animals.  A fantastic resource for all things related to social media – and small business in general.  Check out her sites at the end of this post, lots of resources to […]

Go connect with her on her site–you’ll be glad you did.

Weekend Fun: Don’t Miss These Cool Links

Here are some of the cool links I came across this week in the blog-o-sphere and interwebs.  As you take some down time to enjoy your weekend, swing by and read a few.

10 Easy Social Media Tips You Can Use Right Now – Martha Giffen
When Martha says EASY, she means it!  These tips are simple and fast ideas you can put into action right now that will help you get better results from your social media marketing.

25 Ways to Double Your Blogging Productivity This Week – Dr. Bob Clarke, Guest Posting at Attraction Marketing Online
It’s always good to find more strategies to help you work faster and more effectively.  This post breaks the strategies up into environment, time, ideas, writing, promotion, and taking care of yourself.

All Dressed Up (Home Office Spaces) – Working Naked
I was excited to guest post at early this week (see my post here).  Lisa’s site is packed full of great info for those of us working from home.  I especially love this page that gives us a peek into the home office spaces of a crafter, photographer, architect, marketing coach, CPA, and more.  Inspiring.

I’m Not Your Boyfriend – Book Yourself Solid, Michael Port
No, he’s not.  Neither are any of my clients (or yours).  Be reminded of how and why you’ve got to draw those lines in this post about how to deal with client breakups with integrity.

Get it Done and Have Some FUN Day – Therese Skelly
Need a little motivation to help you get something DONE in your business?  Join Therese (and I’ll be there, too!) for her 2nd Get it Done Day and connect with a group of supportive entrepreneurs all working to get things done together.

New on my YouTube channel: How to Install a WordPress Plugin

And a weekend quote for you…

If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it’s moving you away from your goals. – Brian Tracy

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Defined: Pings, Trackbacks, Pingbacks & Backlinks

Sometimes blogging lingo can be a little confusing. 

Take all those “link” related words, for example: trackback, pingback, backlink… do you understand the difference?

More importantly, do you know how to…

  • automatically tell search engines and others that there’s new content on your blog?
  • protect your blog from being penalized in the search engines by trackbacks & pingbacks?
  • tell what’s “spam” and what’s legit?
  • install the right plugins to help make your job easier?
  • leverage the links you’re getting to build relationships?
  • use trackbacks or pingbacks to get more traffic to your own blog?

After you read this post, you will!  So stick around and keep reading. [Read more…]

Unmask Who’s Linking to You

Do you know who’s linked to your website?

Are you wondering how your visitors are finding you?  Or if all that work you’ve been doing to build links is paying off?

Knowing which site are linking to you and which links are driving traffic is important so you can focus your efforts on the most effective traffic sources for you.

Luckily, you can “unmask” those referrers and find out who has linked to you and how much traffic is coming from the links. [Read more…]